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Ultimate Naruto is Busting the Game World Wide Open

Ultimate Naruto is hitting the game world like gang busters! This MMORPG, free to play game is the creation of Ice Games and is unlike anything else out there. With an enormous franchise connect to it, Naruto is a massive game in the manga and anime environment. Although there are plenty of Naruto video games available, this is the very first that is absolutely free!

What’s In The Game

Just choose your gender and the class you want to play. You are given three classes to choose from, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. Although the characters are pre-designed, instead of players designing their own look, the characters look great and are more than capable of standing on their own in battle. You will love their movements because they are extremely fluid and natural looking.

Ultimate Naruto6

The story line is definitely Naruto inspired and has more adventure and depth than your average RPG games have ever had. With the addition of anime combat animations you will experience a fluid, explosive battle play that is loaded with amazing special effects. The world of Ninja will be exploding all around you.

Animation and Sound

Ultimate Naruto is the best looking MMORPG game anywhere. The special effects, animation and scenes are sensational! Attack animations are absolutely incredible and there are so many different moves to experience as you go along. Each character has their own special style and ability in combat and, on top of that, their movements are extremely smooth! Special effects such as motion blurs, smoke, explosive light and bursts are incredibly powerful to the eye.

Ultimate Naruto3

All the visuals and the music are outstanding! No matter how many other games you have played, Ultimate Naruto is the very best experience you will ever encounter.

With a great blend of Japanese anime style, exhilarating combat and anime plot lines, players are going to be blown away. Once you jump into this game, grab your favorite character and create your own avenue, you will be swept away.

Ninja School

Ultimate Naruto4

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You will get a full parcel of added features including Ninja School Class System. You will offered many different types of ninja techniques to master along with their unique disciplines that come with each ninja.

Each school is designed for both males and females with traits specific to the gender. Male ninjas lean toward strengths and combat abilities. Females lean toward more powerful knowledge and special secret capabilities. Either way, this makes for an excellent and equal battle environment.


If you are looking for a high-powered, exhilarating game, look no further than Ultimate Naruto. You will be swept away within the story-line, unending action and dazzling effects. Grab your friends and come on over for the best time you will ever have.

Ultimate Naruto is free to play.

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  • Michelle Bernike

    it is offline or online ?

    • gamer_3D

      It is online.

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