Tales of Solaris

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Tons of actions and activities

Gameplay is generic

PC, Mac, Linux

Free to Play

Tales of Solaris focuses on what you love in an MMORPG. You are going to be able to move around the world, experiencing new things and seeing more of what is offered. With so much around every corner, you are not going to have to deal with boredom any time soon.

You are going to notice this quickly, too, because of how this game handles the tutorial. It is fast and effective, giving you the chance to learn more about what you have to do and what this game is all about. You are going to spend a few minutes completing quests, picking up important items, and learning your way around the various features.

Tales of Solaris4

Choosing your class is easy. You have options like sniper and mage, along with four more choices, as well as a male and female option for each. It is easy to get into this game and start having fun because of how straightforward it is in the beginning. It eases you into the game, allowing you to pick everything up in small amounts as you progress.

This allows you to learn more and improve your skills before you really do anything. With the pet that you pick up at the start and what you learn to do, you should be ready for real action in no time at all.

Tales of Solaris11

The gameplay for Tales of Solaris is quite exciting and comfortable, and all while being simplified in a good way. You have the same wonder and great battles that you love, but without a lot of the same effort being put into them because you can do auto, or you can choose to do it on your own.

Being your basic turn based game, you are going to be able to manage a lot of this easily. You also have a pet helping you to battle as well as numerous ways to improve yourself, like upgrading your equipment or using certain items.

Tales of Solaris12

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You can do a lot throughout Tales of Solaris that you normally cannot in other games, or that are just interesting in general. Things like aircrafts make this game far more exciting, and it does not stop there.

You are going to come along many surprises that make this more than your basic MMORPG, giving you something more fun than you could have imagined.You will see all of this the further into the game that you go.

Tales of Solaris is free to play.

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