Sphere III: Enchanted World

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

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Gender locked

Sphere III: Enchanted World is an MMORPG with great challenges. It is not something that you can win and rule over just because you have the best items. You have to strategize, think, and learn. You have to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. Throughout this, it remains entertaining and engaging. The fantasy story and elements, the PvP, the graphics and art, and the quests will keep you interested for hours. With 600 hours of gameplay available, you will never have to put it down. Continue going until you do it all, and then hold your title as the best.

Go into the fantasy world of Sphere III: Enchanted World. Everything here is your average medieval fantasy appearance and setup, with things you will understand and recognize. Castles are the biggest piece of this world, both in appearance and gameplay. Along with quests and the NPCs, you will feel transported to another time and world. It will be as if you have gone to this world and taken over.


Part of taking over the world is having a castle. You will get your own castle and you will have to defend it. Put up defenses, micromanage it, and keep it strong. Do not let others take it down or take anything from you. You will use this castle to build your offenses and defenses, to gather items, and to become the greatest in all of the land.

A large portion of Sphere III: Enchanted World relies on a story. As a story-driven game, you will have depth, characters, and experiences that push the narrative forward. It is merely about meeting demands and completing tasks; it is about unearthing the entire story. With over 1,000 quests to complete throughout the game, there is a lot of the story to uncover. There is always something new for you to do in order to build up the world around you. This is part of why it offers over 600 hours of gameplay.


The combat is not easy. In most games, you can auto-target or it is just click and fight. Not here, though. It is much harder, requiring active participation and effort. You will have to do everything manually, including targeting. The work that you put into this game means that you have to strategize. Letting the world and the system decide for you is no longer an option; you have to do this yourself.

Battles here are PvP and PvE. PvP is nearly everywhere. People can fight you wherever you are, which makes this a risky game to play. You will have to make sure that you know how to defend yourself and how to win. There are several ways to take advantage of PvP to suit all players.


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PvE comes in the form of dungeons, bosses, and more. Win treasure, play with friends, and help the world.

Sphere III: Enchanted World looks great and has some amazing challenges. It is the perfect game for anyone seeking a real gaming experience.

Sphere III: Enchanted World is free to play.

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