Serenia Fantasy

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Many different mounts, pets and costumes to choose from

The retro look may not be appealing to others


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Serenia Fantasy takes the old 2D MMORPG style and improves upon it, giving us a detailed and enjoyable game that very much feels like older games from the SNES days, but just better looking. It takes that style and gives us the basic MMORPG of today, with a few unique twists that are hard to find with other similar titles.

Everything comes together wonderfully, creating a spectacular gaming experience that is unforgettable. Like many players, you are going to want to keep playing because of how much is offered in such a simple game. It may feel small at first, but it is quite large once you get into it.

Serenia Fantasy12

At the start of Serenia Fantasy, you are going to be able to choose from three classes, the warrior, archer, and mage. They each have a male and female version, but oddly no customization options. Now, there is no need to worry here. As you get into the game, you are going to have access to costumes and hair choices that will allow you to personalize your character.

There are many here so you should not have to worry about running into someone who looks like you or feeling that all of the characters in the game are the same. The huge selection saves you from situations like this.

Serenia Fantasy11

The actual game play is what you are likely going to adore. Like many other MMORPGs, Serenia Fantasy is quest driven and has a lot of the monsters that you love fighting. The set up is done so well that the moves are going to be fluid and you are not going to experience many, if any, issues during movement or combat.

It is set up to be simple yet enjoyable, and it has done so successfully. Certain features, like the ability to turn into a monster that you destroy, makes this a much more interesting experience, too.

Serenia Fantasy10

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One of the major appeals of Serenia Fantasy is its design. A much more detailed version of the old 2D SNES games, this MMORPG takes you back years and makes you feel like you are playing on a retro system, just with a lot more going for it. Part of this feeling is also the music.

Everything is based on older Japanese RPGs, which create a feeling that is hard to find with other games. You have this combined with modern gaming, creating a unique and comfortable style.

Serenia Fantasy is free to play.

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