Scions of Fate

8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Unique skill combo system

No skills until level 10


Free to Play

Scions of Fate, is a very popular game in The Chinese and Korean markets and we believe that everyone will love to play this action packed adventure all over the world. Scions of Fate is easy to join and download for your convenience and the best part is that it only takes a minute to set up your account.

Scions of Fate now has over 100 million players that are registered.  This game has not became as popular in the West but we tend to change that very soon by introducing this game to people like you to try this game and let us know what you think. This game is action packed, bright, and very colorful. There is a House (depth guild) that will help you along your way and run shops to assist you to become stronger and level up.

Scions of Fate is a fantasy game made with 3D graphics. The Scions of Fate is also known as the Yulgang of Asia. The setting is oriental in origin and has six classes for you to choose from. Once your class is chosen you can then choose either The Order or Chaos warring factions to join.

scionsoffate 10

What makes this game so cool is that each person can come together in an area called “House”. This house is where you and the other players can join forces and level up a quicker pace. (Leveling up depends on the activities of you and everyone else)

When you create your very own unique character you will be able to choose if the character is a boy or a girl. (Whatever option you chose is what will determine what sex your character will be)

Here is a list of the six classes available for you to choose from.

  1. Swordsman
  2. Bladesman
  3. Archer
  4. Healer
  5. Spearman
  6. Ninja

The swordsman is an offensive fighter and this class has average defense and health. The swordsman is known as the Melee warrior. The swordsman can attack at a high speed and dodge attacks from enemies while able to hit his target!

scionsoffate 11

The Bladesman! Has the area of effect (AoE) ability in Scions of Fate. The Bladesman is considered to be the top ranking class of the game. The Bladesman does not have much ability to deal out damages to the other classes, but he does have a high ranked defense and health than the other classes.

The Archer has a very high rate for dodging and fleeing from their enemies! One disadvantage that an Archer has is that he will have to keep his enemies at a distance because the Archer has low health and defense ratings. However, the Archer is the master of ranged combat.

The Healer, the class that can deal out the most damage in the higher levels of Scions of Fate. Healers are known as a very supportive class then later they can kick the enemy’s tail. They are known as the “True Caster” class.

scionsoffate 12

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The Spearman, this class is a little lower in defense and health than any of the Melee Warrior classes. However, the spearman is known to be the class with the highest attacking power.

The Ninja class, this class in a new addition to the classes available for you to choose from. This class has a quick attack speed and they are a dagger weapon class that many people prefer. What makes the Ninja class cool is they have a stealth mode that the other classes do not have.

The different classes and their actions are done with a simple point and click action or a double click action to attack!

Come join us, it is free and a lot of fun.

Scions of Fate is free to play.

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