7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Responsive and crisp movements

Dated graphics | Lag issues

Set in Japan, Onigiri is the MMORPG experience for any fan of the genre. It successfully incorporates action-focused combat and dungeon crawling into an exceptionally made game. The features of this game are unlike most other games of its kind. It gives you unique progression and fighting options, a new approach to strategizing, and other new features that will make for a brand new gaming experience. If you like MMORPGs or JRPGs, you will adore the quality and detail that has gone into crafting this game. It gives you something new and something brilliant that you will want to play for a long time.


Onigiri is set in medieval Japan. The aesthetics and environment all match this, with its anime graphics and art style. It transports you to a fantasy Japanese world, with many historic Japanese aesthetics and features. To make the Japanese environment even more realistic, you also have a story that brings it all together. It will grab you, make you want to play more, and make the world feel even more realistic. It is a fantasy world that you will want to explore. The Japanese voice actors help to complete the illusion, giving you excellent voice over work in a world of Japanese fantasy and history.

In most games, you choose a race and class, basing all of your stats on that. In Onigiri, you choose weapons. You have a large number of weapons available to you and you can switch between them. Choose the weapon that best works for your current strategy or situation, and then change it as the time arises. You have the chance to build your offense and defense around the weapons that you choose. You can do this at any time, too. Nothing special is required to switch, making it easier to go between weapons as you see fit.


You will fight through instanced dungeons as you climb your way to victory. Each dungeon will come with difficulty modes, making it possible to up the challenge as you go deeper. You can go from the basic, lowest level to the highest level as you need to. Continue to challenge yourself until you are the best.

You are not going in alone. You can bring in an NPC with you. The NPC partner system gives you the ability to buddy up with one and bring them into the battles with you. Each one has their own stats and advantages, making it possible to change based on what you need and prefer.


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The combat in Onigiri is full of action. Working with real-time combat and combos, you will have to put in effort to take down enemies. Use combos wisely, save what you can for the boss at the end of the dungeon, and rely heavily on the NPC partner when you can.

Playing and enjoying Onigiri is easy to do. The game gives you features that you can love without making anything complicated. While many of this is unique, it remains familiar and comfortable for everyone.

Onigiri is free to play.

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