Magica x Magica

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Charming visuals | Addictive gameplay

Accumulation of gold is slow

Android, iOS


Blinded by a promised made on her best friend’s deathbed, a young witch embarks upon a rugged journey in a gloomy universe where the only thing certain is defeat, and death. You’re set on moving mountains, but your resources are limited and woefully inadequate.

Just when you think you have gained a footing, you will be dragged right back to where you began. This is not another fantasy fiction in the offering, not a chapter out of a dystopian tale, but a story line of an arcade game for the ages: Magica x Magica.

Magica x Magica1

Although it is laced with design aesthetics inspired by the graceful mahō shōjo anime, don’t let the beauty of the game universe fool you. Hidden behind the beauty, and the ominous background music is an additive game that offers you just enough to raise your hopes, and then take it away from you in the nick of time. Strewn along the journey are vile enemies for whom your best weapons are reflexes and luck. An instant reaction to the dropped power up may aid your quest, but even those power ups dropped by the dead enemies sometimes have ill-effects on you.

Gold is the in-game currency, earned after the completion of playthroughs. The gold will get you more weapons and improve your stats, but the snail-paced accumulation of gold means you might have to wait longer. The option of making in-app purchases is there, but the game’s unique feature of adapting the difficulty by gauging your performance will drastically bring down your hopes of instant progress.

Magica x Magica2

Weapons will aid you, no doubt. However, with each weapon you will need to change your modus operandi. Each weapon comes with its own durability meter, which when deleted will render the weapon useless. You will have no choice but to wait for the weapons to be dropped randomly. Don’t expect to play the game repeatedly and become an expert, it is unpredictable and changes every time you play.

Addictiveness is this game’s objective, and it achieves that by plunging you into a fateful journey of hopelessness and adventure. This is precisely what the game is all about. Keep fighting despite knowing that ultimately, you will never succeed. Measure of your satisfaction depends on your take on the visuals and the gameplay mechanics. If these arethe things you are into, then this is for you.

Magica x Magica3

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Magica x Magica is laced with disappointment, but hope is what fuels it. Hope to survive against all odds, hope to fulfill the promise made to your best friend. It is designed to defeat you, but cannot keep you from striving forward. Tactfulness, razor sharp reflexes and luck all need to be combined seamlessly to win. Add to that the unpredictability, and you have got yourself something that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

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