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Gameplay: 7/10
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Graphics: 8/10

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Gameplay is generic

PC, Mac, Linux

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Chaos runs prevalent through the once peaceful land of Lunaria. The tablets of power that were given to the humans by the gods have been stolen by evil forces who are now corrupting the tablets and using them to control the occupants of Lunaria. Evil now runs rampant through the land, so it’s up to you to join forces with others who support your cause and put a stop to the evil forces controlling the tablets!

Lunaria Story is a class 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that shares many elements with the incredibly popular game MapleStory. Lunaria Story allows you to choose from one of three classes, customize your character fully and begin down your journey to putting a stop to the forces that now threaten to envelop the once peaceful Lunaria.



The game begins by allowing you to choose the gender of your character, create a unique name that other players will be able to call you by and customize your character to look exactly like you want them. Lunaria Story is heavily anime-themed, which makes it the perfect game for teens and adults alike that wish to meet new friends, take part in action-packed battles and play through a roll-playing game storyline.

After creating your character, you will be thrust directly into the action. There is no clear-cut tutorial for Lunaria Story, as the main questline teaches you everything you will need to know in order to excel at the game. After finishing the beginning quests, you will depart on your own to find quests, search for adventure and bring glory to your character.



There are three initial classes that you will be able to choose from in Lunaria Story.

Swordsmen – Swordsmen are the basic close combat masters. The swordsman class excels in slicing and dicing opponents while being able to stand a large amount of incoming damage.


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Elementalist – The Elementalist class is the mage class for Lunaria Story. Elementalists are able to call upon the forces of nature and magic to cast immense damage onto enemies from far away. The Elementalist class doesn’t have the best defense, but with many abilities that slow enemies, there is no reason that the Elementalist class would need to build much HP.

Hunters – Hunters use guns, bombs and many different types of traps to win the battle. Hunters excel in agile, ranged combat that will burn enemies incredibly quickly.

Lunaria is free to play.

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