Kritika Online

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of PvE instances | Variety of playable classes

Repetitive gameplay | Stamina system

Travel the world and take down all enemies that stand in your way when you play Kritika Online. It gives you the chance to battle, improve, meet up with others, and make your character your own. There are nearly endless ways to enjoy the game. For anyone who adores combat, exploration, and PvP, this game gives you everything you could want in a gaming experience. It does all of this well and with great art, too. It is perfect for all types of players. Fans of MMORPG titles like HeroWarz will appreciate the similar style and mechanics in this title, offering a familiar feeling while keeping everything unique.

The art of Kritika Online is gorgeous and brings you into the environment. The anime style of the graphics will captivate you, making you want to see more of this expansive world. You will want to explore, meet characters, and do everything you can do. A lot of the anime art is inspired by art from actual shows, those that you know. Even so, they remain unique and original, offering beautiful concepts that make you want to see the full world.


The beauty extends to the animations and other graphics, too. Battles and basic movements alike look amazing. It complements the story and experiences, enhancing everything that you see and do.

Making your character is going to be fun to do. You have character customization options, including when you make the character and when you play the game. You can make the character fit the aesthetic that you want, and you can further customize it while playing. Customize your appearance and skills, and then make the character fit everything you want in a character.


Like any MMORPG, you can choose your class, too. There are some standard classes available, like Warrior, that give you the skills and battle style that you know and expect. You can choose the class that best represents your preferences during combat. You should also keep in mind that these will change as you level up. The skills branch out into other skills, from which you can choose. Continue to personalize your character’s battle style and appearance until it is perfect for you.

Kritika Online combat relies on fast-paced action and combos. Success comes from chaining together combos in order to defeat monsters quickly. You have to put in effort and strategy to win because of this. Simply clicking and letting your character do all of the work will not fly here.


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Think about the multiplayer aspect of all of this, too. There are plenty of instances and PvP areas where you can go fight alongside and against other players. Find people, defeat them, and come out on top. There are always enemies awaiting you.

Kritika Online continues to surprise and excite its players. It gives you, in many ways, a standard MMORPG experience. It accomplishes in setting itself apart, however, and providing unique and original ideas that will make for a more compelling game. You will fall in love with every moment.

Kritika Online is free to play.

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