Forsaken World

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Tons of crafting options

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Free to Play

Forsaken World takes the MMORPG genre and gives you something exciting and memorable. When you first play, you are going to be hooked immediately. This game is what you want in an MMORPG while offering some unique twists to keep it interesting and new.

You can make your own character, go out and battle, improve yourself, and become part of a massive community. This is something that is going to keep you hooked and that is going to grab your interest right away. It is the type of game that you expect when you are playing MMORPGs, and it continues to offer what you are after.


Before you get into the game, you are going to need to create your character. Doing this is fun and it is just the start of the many possibilities available to you here. You can choose from several races and classes, each of them offering something different. Mix and match them until you have the look and the fighting style that best suits you.

Combine them to have your perfect character, too, so that you are never bored when you are playing the game. Throughout Forsaken World, you are going to be able to make use of these differences and you are going to be able to enjoy how much there is to gain.


Of course, the possibilities in Forsaken World do not stop with the race and class of your character. You can also choose your occupation, which determines what you do in the game. Occupations are there to allow you to play with other features and to do more than just fight, making it feel like a much richer and more intriguing game.

You can choose whichever one suits your style and interests, and you can explore it as you go deeper into the game. Use it to improve your character, make money, and keep yourself moving up.


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While battling and exploring, you are going to have a community all around you. This community is about more than just making friends, too. Forsaken World offers guilds and guild battles, allowing you to become part of groups in game that focus on becoming the strongest and the best.

Reaching your goals with a guild is easier because you have people around you, and reaching your personal goals is easier because you will have friends within the guild. This helps you to develop strong connections that can pay off later on.

Forsaken World is free to play.

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