Eden Eternal

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Excellent interface

Shop items limited


Free to Play

Eden Eternal is a dream in reality for even veteran gamers with stunning graphics, diverse monsters and special effects. You have the perfect character and guild customization system, and the animated characters are equally cute.

The game begins with the creation of your avatar character. You can properly groom your character with six customizable options like hair color, hair style, skin color, eye colors and obviously, your face as well. You will be pleased to know that there are five faces for beginners (for male as well as female), 15 hair and eye colors and 11 hair styles to choose from.

edeneternal 12

Once you groom your character you have to choose your starting class. You have the choice of five standard MMO classes, and you can change your combat class when you are out of the combat mode. You can customize your character as the unique hero by choosing the ten Heroic Traits that makes your character unique among your friends.

Once chosen, the heroic traits keep on defining your character throughout the game as the traits such as hp, mp, luck, crit rate and many others are set as the percentage of your total stats. The traits range from the general commanding and combat skills of the heroes to more specific characteristics of class’s skill sets.

edeneternal 7

The changing of classes provides a very unique and handy feature of the game. If you are the sole survivor after the dungeon party wipes, you don’t have any problem in changing as cleric and revive your friends and allies. When you need to speed up the dungeon clearing, you can make your team with DPS characters and reroll a tank for final combat.

You will find it very refreshing that the classes of Eden Eternal are unique  and diverse. Eden Eternal beats the traditional old styled games of its category by a very huge margin. You can have a huge number of unique classes by trait customization. The possibilities of your role become very flexible as you can change your roles.

edeneternal 10

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The classes are eventually unlocked as you proceed to higher levels. The specific requirements also vary among the different classes, and it also makes it interesting to change your roles and unlock specific classes at the right moments. For instance, you can unlock the Rouge Archetype Blade Dancer when you reach level 50, but you can unlock the Rouge Archetype Blade Dancer as Bard with only 45 mastery levels.

Eden Eternal is free to play.

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  • Sanyu

    indeed, he (or she) should, instead of complaining about a game, recommend another game that is ‘better’ in their opinion, not only complain. They should also explain what is ‘boring’ or ‘easy’ about the game. Just saying it is boring and easy doesn’t help anyone whatsoever.

    jeez what am I? some old grandma, ranting on about a random comment. -_-

    • DucturTunma

      it does help actually. And it’s alright to not give any other recommendation because there simply aren’t any good chibi anime styled games out in West right now. Or at least I haven’t seen one yet.
      What does easy mean? I haven’t tried Eden Eternal (that’s why I’m here, obviously) but I have seen a lot of mmorpgs just being waaaaaaaay too easy that there is absolutely no use of it being multiplayer.

      • Sanyu

        Time has passed and now that I look back at this comment, my opinion of this matter has changed.

        I don´t neccesarily want him or her to recommend another game. It´s just that saying a game is ´easy´ or ´boring´ without explaining why is rather unhelpfull and only discourages people from playing it. I´d have liked for them to explain why they think it is ´easy´ or ´boring´

        But yeah, not everyone is the same, everyone has different opinions blah blah blah all that stuff. Can´t really blame anyone. Everyone´s free to say whatever they want. etc etc etc.

        • DucturTunma

          Wanted to advice you some chill pills till I got to the last paragraph.

          If you play it with me, I might look into it, kek. But I can’t promise that I won’t drop it as soon as I have spent few hours into it especially when I just recently bought ESO.

          • Sanyu

            To be honest, I stopped playing the game long ago, so I kinda forgot my password :3
            Also, I wouldn’t recommend playing multiple games at one. For me, it just doesn’t work.
            btw, whats ESO? .-.

          • DucturTunma

            Elder scrolls online. You can still grab it on sale on gamersgate,com/DD-TESOTU/ or 2game,com/the-elder-scrolls-onliner-tamriel-unlimitedtm if interested (put “,” instea of “.” because I’m not sure if Disqus allows posting links)
            Can’t really recommend or say anything about the game content as I have played only for few hours. Visuals are good, combat is good, can’t say anything about story. If you have played other elder scrolls games, it’s kinda similar to them only that it’s multiplayer and therefore lots of things are different to suit mmo needs.

            EDIT: Oh, and forgot to mention that it might look pretty expensive for a mmorpg. At least I think so. And it has some minor benefits to ESO Plus subsribers but nothing that let’s them be more advanced.

          • Sanyu

            :3 I kinda just used all my money to buy a diff game, so uhhh…

            I dont have the money for buying any games. But jeez that game was worth it (Persona 5). Im not good at saving up money if you didnt notice that already xD

          • DucturTunma

            how could I notice it if I don’t know you, baaaka!~ But we can change that (online, ofc)

          • DucturTunma

            Also ESO is not gonna be on sale forever. S to be you, ig

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