Divine Souls

6.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy to play | PvP modes | Fluid mechanics

Repetitive combat | Poor AI system | Dated graphics

Dungeon crawling has been taken to new levels with Divine Souls. You are not just fighting in dungeons; you are working to improve and to make the most out of dungeon crawling. The goal is to perform combo moves in combat spectacularly well, leveling up and defeating anyone who comes in your way. As you battle and succeed, you can collect loot and build your character up. There is always something for you to do, some new way for you to fight, and new things for you to collect. The world is waiting for you; you just have to be ready to take it down.

You have four classes available to you right now in Divine Souls. That does not mean it will stop at four, though. The number of classes available is going to rise as the game grows, giving you more options over time. You can go with one of the current options, branching out and trying others as they come out.


Of course, the powers and abilities of each class are unique. You will want to choose the one with the powers and fighting style that match your play style. If you have played these types of games in the past, this should be easy. Everything is rather standard, with classes that you know and understand already.

You will want to go through the dungeons. This is where the core of the game lies, and where you will have the most fun. If you are going into this game, you should already know that its dungeon system is the key point of interest. It has monsters, loot, and interesting features that make each dungeon as fun as the last.


Going through them your way is possible. If you are the solo dungeon crawling type, go in alone. No one and nothing will stop you. If you prefer to play alongside friends, you can invite them and go find some monsters to kill. If you want to play with random people, there is a system available that allows you to find random other players. Use it whenever you want to dungeon crawl in a group but have no one online for it.

Alternative dungeon modes and a PvP battle arena both exist. This can help to spice up your time in the game, challenging you in new ways. You can also increase the difficulty to match you skills.


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Combo hits are the big thing in Divine Souls. To battle and succeed, you will need to hit those combos. Luckily, there are only four keys to use for combos – A, S, D, F. You will need to use these correctly to use powerful combo moves.

As you improve throughout the game, you will unlock new combo moves. These combos will help you to unleash your full power on the world.

Loot collected from dungeons can customize your character. As you improve and go deeper into Divine Souls, you will collect all types of loot for your character to use, sell, or trade.

Divine Souls is free to play.

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