6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10

Clear interface | Fun combat

Bland questing | Repetitive gameplay

Devils, questing, magic, dungeon crawling, and more make up the world of Devilian. You have opportunities and wonders abound as you explore, battle, meet new friends, and become the best in the game. With its unique approach and features, mixed with the features that you love about MMORPG titles, it keeps you engaged and interested. It makes you want to play for hours on end, leveling up your character and devil. Whether you prefer to play solo or you like playing alongside friends, you can have something here to enjoy and love. It is perfect for any fan of the MMORPG genre.

The world of Devilian is gorgeous. As you travel and explore, you will fall in love with all there is to see and do. You can spend hours just seeing the sights, trying to open up the world and figure out what hides behind every corner. It is only part of what makes this world so captivating, though. The features, gameplay, and characters will pull you in deeper.


You will choose from one of four classes at the start. Each class has its own unique abilities and fighting style, of course, so choose based on how you prefer to battle. There is a difference here, though. Devilian uses devil forms for these characters. When you choose your character, you will notice that it has a devil form, which you can use in battles. These will be powerful tools that can help you to win battles, take over, and survive.

The devil form is similar to your base character. It levels up independently and you will have to improve it on your own. Fight with both so that you get even power distribution, making it easier to succeed in future battles. It is a new way to approach battles that you do not see often.


There is dungeon crawling in Devilian. You can go through these dungeons on your own or in a group of up to 3, depending on your preferences. If you are the type who prefers to solo dungeons, you have that option. It is not impossible to do this and the rewards are greater, but the challenges are significantly higher. You can also go in with friends or other players if you prefer the backup and support.

In guilds and as an experienced player, you can fight new and better bosses and enemies. The better you are, or the better your guild is, the more opportunities that open up for you. You can go through the most difficult bosses in the game if you can prove yourself worthy.


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PvP is another battling option. There 3v3 fights and 20v20 fights available. All of them will put you in battles against other players, forcing you to rely on your skills and experience.

Features that you expect in an MMORPG are here. Devilian does not disappoint one bit, offering everything from crafting to quests to pets to cities and more. These give you many of the standard experiences and options that make this genre work.

Devilian is free to play.

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