Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms

6.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10

Decent storyline | Easy skills/combat

Full of hackers and fraud | Unbalanced battle system

Kings, wars, and the lust for power take over in Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms. You will start simple as a character of your choice, customizing it how you see fit, and then you will climb up the ranks to become all-powerful, to become king. In this massive world, doing this is a lot easier said than done. You will have to fight for that power, and you may not win. It is a constant struggle to rise up in the ranks, to do well, and to come out on top. Even if you cannot make it all the way, the journey and experience are well worth it.

You can choose your hero from one of six options. These options include mages and archers, all with their own unique races and advantages. You can choose from one of these six only, with no other options to change race or class. If you do not want your archer to be an elf, or you do not want your elf to be an archer, you will not have any other choice. Everything is as you see it.


All of them do have their own abilities that you can put to use. You can also make your character unique to suit your own preferences. Whatever you choose, you can make the most out of your battles.

There is a giant world in Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms. This world is seemingly endless, with over 50 maps and thousands of mobs. You can explore for days, or months, and still see new things every time. A new experience is always right around the corner, you just have to go find it. Fight, explore, unearth treasure, and take advantage of everything that you see. The world is there for you to explore and conquer, so why not go for it?


You can join a kingdom and work your way up to becoming king. Generally, a king is already there and working when you join a kingdom. That does not mean that you cannot take their place, however. You can, either through a revolution or through a game. For kings that are not doing their job well, you can get people together to start a revolution. Take the king’s place and become king yourself. There is also a game you can play that allows you to become king, taking their place if you win.

Just remember, if you become king, you can become impeached, too. Make sure that you do the job well and secure your kingdom. As king, it is your job to make the citizens happy and to keep your kingdom secure. Do this to keep your crown.


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By joining a guild, you open up a world of new opportunities. Guild wars and forging are amongst the most beneficial options that open up to you upon joining. If you play this game, make sure that you find a guild to join.

PvP arenas are also available in Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms. Test your skills and become a top player, showing off your skills and experience.

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is free to play.

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