Cosmic League

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy game to pick up

Controls take a while to get used to

An anime world of robots and battles, Cosmic League is an exciting challenge for any gamer. It is humanoids against robots, and a lot of PvP to go around. Come show off your skills, admire the art and graphics, have fun with friends, or just play around how you see fit. Any battle arena fan will enjoy the layers that this game offers. Simple, attractive, exciting, and new, it offers a great way to go about massive battles. Go in, choose your character, and improve as you meet new people and play along with old friends. There is always something for you to do.


The graphics of Cosmic League may not be the best on the market, but everything still looks great. Stylized to have an anime aesthetic, it does a wonderful job of setting the environment and giving you a captivating world. You will want to see more of it, go through the areas, and do your best. You will want to bring out all of the beauty and art that this game offers. For the most part, it is standard for anime games, but it still does this style incredibly well. It is sure to excite and satisfy any fan of anime style games.

It is the humanoids versus the robots. When you play, you will choose one of six classes, each with their own specialties and abilities. This gives you the chance to play to your strengths. Long-range or melee combat, you can choose the one that works for you. Switch it up, too. Find a good comfort spot for your battles, or switch it up as you like.


All of the classes offer a specific purpose. Each one is unique and can bring its own advantages into battle. This includes the support roles, helping to keep the others in good shape as they battle. Every class is important.

Making use of these classes is easy. The controls and gameplay are not hard to understand, and the arenas themselves are straightforward. When you first begin, you will start at the rookie level. You will improve, learn, and earn your way up to the 7v7 battles. After playing 7v7 for a while, you can then move to the 10v10 battles. The 10v10 battles are where you truly put your skills, experience, knowledge, and determination to the test. You will have to put in a lot of effort to come out on top, but it is fun all the way.


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Customization options do exist in Cosmic League for the battles. You can set rules and make the battles work to your advantage, or you can make it easier or harder. Change it depending on what you want and how you feel about it. You can always change it later to suit your preferences.

Jumping into Cosmic League today will give you access to hours, days, and months of entertainment. There are challenges, especially as you rank up, but it is still accessible to anyone who loves the style and gameplay of arena battle games.

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