Continent of the Ninth

8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Solid storyline

Limited weapons and shop items


Free to Play

Continent of the Ninth is a game you don’t want to miss. If you’re into MMORPGs with massive monsters, real bad guys from an alternative evil world, and a missing king you have to find in the dungeons, you’re going to love, love, love this game.

Better known as C9, Continent of the Ninth is a fantasy action game from Webzen. You’re looking for the missing king. He can and is probably anywhere in the evil world being held by some really bad guys that can be hard to knock off.

Continent 11

Plus, you get to sit around an evil table and talk to a bunch of evil/good guys while finding clues of where they hid the king. Your job is to find him and bring him back to the good side.

C9 or Continent of the Ninth has some of the finest graphics for a MMORPG game. However, there are a few imperfections that can be irritating, but not that big of deal. When you zoom in, it cuts off some of the people in the scene. Just a small detail, but it can be annoying when you need to see what the other person is doing. Also, some of the characters mouths don’t move, so it gets kind of hard to tell who is talking. It’s not that big a deal, but it can be frustrating if you’re doing a run.

Continent 5

While playing Continent of the Ninth, you can really get into the action with the combat style using a variety of skills, which, of course, you have to earn before you can use them. You can take a walk around the towns and pick up some quick quests, do some shopping for articles you may need, and choose the dungeon to look for the king.

The quests in C9 are from normal to expert and go from any difficulty for each quest. Some will be harder than others, while some you can breeze through. You get to choose the fighter you want to be and then dress them how you want. They are: Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade. Each type has a sub-category you can choose such as Fighters can electto be Warrior, Blademaster, Guardian or Berserker. Choose wisely or you may run into trouble.

Continent 12

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Each level gets you more powers, weapons, or quest helpers to keep you on track of finding the lost king. Fight your way into each dungeon and out again to go onto the next level that gets harder the higher you go.

C9 is more than a dungeon game, but at the end you have to fight and kill the boss of each dungeon before you can go up to the next level. Some are harder to kill than others. So watch out for the dungeon’s boss. Also, watch out for the bad guys who like to jump out from nowhere and try to take you out. The more you kill — the better your score and the faster you can work your way up the levels and find the king to win Continent of the Ninth.

Continent of the Ninth is free to play.

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