Cloud Nine

8.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Many playable classes

Generic fantasy theme


Free to Play

The popular Cloud Nine or Holic 2 is the sequel of Holic. This 3D fantasy MMOPRG is more or less like the original game in terms to graphic style, gameplay features, and class with some updates. It is free to play.

You can also choose a second class and depending on your choice, your character’s growth will be affected. You can manipulate creatures, tame them, or even shift your shape based on your will. The Monster Transformation System is unique and very interesting. There are also more unique features such as Monster Card Collection, Monster Riding, and Monster Taming. The new classes include Revolve. There are also the Dungeon Building System and the Seven Sign Combo for you to take advantage of

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  • Seneka:These are god-like charatcers and their quest for technology actually ends up harming nature. This is why Matsuka is angered. Basically, Seneka can be described as Technology Gods.
  • Koshare: These are fairy-like. They are Earth’s own children. They have greedy curiosity and dexterous hands thanks to which they are excellent crafters.
  • Matsuka: These characters are honorable and brave warriors. They are neither humanoid nor animal. They work as soldiers for the remaining races. They prioritize nature at all times. This is why they are against Seneka.

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  • Warrior: This class boasts of defense and health. The fight in closed range combat.
  • Monk: They are known to be extremely disciplined. They have lot of control over chi flow. They can be damage dealers or a tank.
  • Rogue: Rogues are stealthy fighters. They are known to attack their enemies from behind.

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  • Hunters: They rule with their bows. Their force and their speed are their main powers and they are capable of confusing their enemies and dazing them.
  • Mage: They are capable of creating damage. However, they can be attacked physically and thus stay away from foes.
  • Cleric: They are spellcasters. They can buff and heal using their spells. They usually depend on the other classes during battle.

Cloud Nine is free to play.

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