Cabal Online

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Most number of quests and the story is engaging

Gameplay is too common


Free to Play

A fast paced MMORPG by ESTsoft is Cabal Online, Lord of War. A 3D fantasy game you can play with your friends or against other players. Having a team of your friends gives you an extra boost in the attack area and takes you up the levels to the end faster.

What could be more fun than playing with a bunch of friends, combining skills to make a combo attack on the enemy? Nothing, that’s what’s great about Cabal Online with its unique features not found in any other game.

Cabal Online4

To be able to combine your skill with your friends in attacks against the enemy, you have to level up to level 10, but after you get there, you can create some great attacks for some heavy damage to the enemy. It’s a fantastic way to unite the skills of all the players and adds extra skills to each and every fight. You need a lot of practice to get to advance skill in order to use the combo attack.  Once you get there, the enemy better watch out!

The ‘Lord of War’ is the newest Cabal Online game. A game where you can win special bonuses and many titles of a Lord of the Realm after each battle you win. You’ll need special skills to be able to use the search system and to gain entrance to the auction house.

Cabal Online9

At every level 10 up, you can upgrade your class by beating the special quests. This will get you new skills or special items you need to defeat the enemy. It’s an extra skill added to the best MMORPG online. No other game has this upgrade level. It makes you want to push up the levelling 10 levels just to receive the special bonuses or items that will make your fighting easier.

You level up and gain honor by hunting and killing monsters in the special PvP zones. If you lose the battle, you lose honor, but you can gain it back by the reward system or taking on the monsters again.

Cabal Online5

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Honor rewards are a big deal in Cabal Online’s Lord of War. You can use sacrifice to gain honor or battling with the monsters. The fastest way to get higher in the games is to do everything that gains you honor.

Cabal uses a Captcha system to keep out the spammers and botters. If you don’t know what a Captcha system is, it’s a way to keep out the real evil spammers and botters. You have to sign in with special characters before you can start the game. It’s just a way to verify you are a real player and not a bot.

Cabal Online is a great and very fun game to play, especially when playing with a bunch of friends, so you can combine your skill and power to defeat the enemy.

Cabal Online is free to play.

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