Adventure Quest Worlds

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Plenty of quests

Simplistic graphics


Free to Play

A more Interactive and Improved Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest Worlds come from the house of Artix Entertainment, just as its predecessor Adventure Quest, launched in the year 2002, in the year 2008. The game is an online one on one combat game which can be played by almost anyone and has a host of options which make it better than its predecessor.

You can join the game for free, which has a number of servers dedicated for these free accounts, even though it also maintains premium accounts for which the users have to pay a fixed monthly amount every month.

Adventure 9

Adventure Quest Worlds has a more user friendly experience as compared to the previous version, and allows you to play in various screen sizes and resolutions as is supported by your browser. The game also allows the user to indulge in chat sessions with the other players online. But sometimes the server allows you to chat only through a predefined set of instructions and phrases. This is extremely useful for young kids, whose parents are concerned to whom they may be chatting online.

Character creation is the most important step which is taken care of by you before the start of the game. There are four types of characters which can be chosen. The warrior is one of the options and they play the leading role in the combat. The Rogues play the secondary role as melee in the ranks while a mage is the one who can cast spells and turn the tables over in the game.

Adventure - 11

The priests play yet another supportive role. But as the game progresses, the role of each character increases as well as multiplies and has the player play other roles as well other than the predetermined roles.

Adventure Quest Worlds, though sharing the name with Adventure Quest, is dissimilar in terms of the graphics and game play. The game also incorporates the exploration of virtual worlds, as opposed to the previous version where the screens would just change with the click of the mouse.

Adventure 12

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The game is more like Dragon Fable which makes it more different in terms of game play, as well as with the new features of the game makes it more interactive and interesting. The starting of the game is usually the falling of the character into a forest with the devilish character Ebil speaking out the quest.

The plot of the quest is more story driven and you will have to indulge in the game play and have a keen interest in the storyline to understand what is going on. The combat with the monsters in each stage of the game makes it awesome.

Adventure Quest Worlds is free to play.

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