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Anime has become a part of the modern world in the west, but perhaps the truly global phenomenon is its success in the gaming industry. It has a major influence in the gaming world because of its unique graphics Japanese design and features. Anime games have the leading role nowadays and many people enjoy these great games that offer you different RPG and fighting video games able to be played on PC and mobile devices. Not only that anime series and comics-inspired the development of video anime games but also casino themed-slots that can be played online. Casino themed-slots games are the biggest trend right now because of the game variety available on the internet that people can play via online mobile casino. Wild Vegas is one of those mobile casinos, with a fantastic app compatible with all mobile devices where you can play all the amazing anime-themed slots that we will mention here and also many other casino games like roulette, blackjack, etc. Read more about Wild Vegas app at this link.

Best Anime-Themed Online Slots Games

Speaking of top online casino games, developers are constantly working to improve their themes by finding new for the base. They are willing to give a brand new experience to gamers, and anime today is the supreme choice. We provide you a list of the ultimate anime slots games that are currently available in online casinos:

  • Fortune Girl

Fortune Girl is one of the best anime slot games produced by the giant Microgaming. With a 5-line slot game and 15 pay lines. It is a great game to experience thanks to the amazing bonus feature which allows players to win up to 14 free spins.

  • Koi Princess

This game is certainly one of the greatest available on the market for now. The play of this game is exciting and the winning symbols are very attractive thanks to the perfect combination of the traditional playing cards mixed with some Japanese artifacts: dragons and gold coins.

  • Sakura Fortune

Sakura Fortune is a masterpiece when we refer to anime games. It is a different kind of slot game because of the 30 pay-line given, but also of the diversity of symbols developed, such as: emperors, coins in multiple colors and dragons. All this makes the game different from the standard slots.

  • Ghost in the Shell

This slot game is quite popular thanks to the anime series Ghost in the shell, and it is actually based on this anime hit. This anime-slot game contains progressive jackpot, allowing players to have an increased chance of winning. The scatter symbol in this game offers up to 30 free spins opportunity for more money.

  • Matsuri

This amazing anime slot game is developed by Play-n-Go, and it really brings to life the Far Eastern ambiance and feel. It has quite an original story. In the game, you will see geisha's, lettering's, Chinese lanterns, and golden lions.

Endless Fun and Increased Winning Odds

You might ask yourself why all these anime games are the perfect opportunity of playing them online, right? Well, when we talk about online casinos, they are sure the greatest chance of using different casino bonuses that will give you a free chance of playing your favorite casino game and win real money. No matter what casino bonus you will choose, you will get the access and the satisfaction of playing the best anime slots games ever made. You can find many different legal casinos where you can enjoy your playing from anywhere you want.

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