Zodiac Online

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Unique classless ‘zodiac’ system

Terrible interface


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy.

The Zodiac Online is a 2D fantasy game about a prophecy that has been told from generation to generation about the impending “Doomsday.” When this day comes, it has been said that horrible demons will attack everyone and make the world worse than it has ever been!

The great Jade Emperor, which is over the Heavens, has met up with an Immortal to speak about ways to prevent this from happening. The idea is to send twelve deities to help the people of the world and keep them safe from the horrible tragedy of “Doomsday.”  The great Jade Emperor has chosen twelve deities and has sent them to earth in the form of animals. They are known as Zodiac Envoys. No one knows the outcome until the time comes for action.


The Zodiac Online game has free skill combinations for you to choose and they do not have any particular class limitations. This game has a system in place for you to change and tame your pet. You can create your pet any way you like! This game is mysterious and no one knows their fate. You will encounter fairies along your journey.

The Zodiac system that is set in place will either help you or hurt you!  What is even cooler with this game is that you can video chat with your friends. There are many helpers along the way to help you on your journey and once you get the hang of it you can help others who are new to our world. The world is beautiful and very colorful. Every time you come back to our world there will be another event. The Zodiac Online game is a fantasy world that will allow you to help save the world from doom and gloom!


In May, if you are at the level of 30 or above, you will be able to draw from more cards by paying the Forsighter in Cloud City with gold. As with any card game your prize is determined by the card you draw! The second part of the expansion is the Zodiac Arena.

This is where you and others will have to create a team so you can enter the arena area and fight. You can win various types of weapons and prizes in the arena when you win. Third, you can complete a ten question test that was created by the Historian and win gold, buffs, and various items.


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At the beginning you will create your character and you will be assigned a zodiac sign. This sign is very important because it leads you to your destination. The Zodiac sign will allow you to find friends and find opponents to battle and sometimes it will match up with a special person.

The Zodiac Online game has quests for you to beat or complete to earn money and experience. You will meet new friends and you can play with your neighbors. Best of all, it is FREE! Join in on the fun today.

Zodiac Online is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy.

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