6.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good musical background

Gameplay is repetitive

PC, PS3, Xbox 360


XBlades is a new game that features a third-person hack-n-slash adventure. You take on the role of Ayumi and destroy your enemies with guns, blades and magical abilities that can be unlocked throughout the game.

Throughout XBlades, more and more of the story will become clear, revealing dark demonic powers and many different beautiful landscapes to explore through. XBlades is a thrilling action-adventure packed with many different quests, relentless enemies to slice through, an exciting female protagonist and many other aspects that so many hack-n-slash games have fallen short of.


If you’re looking for a new hack-n-slash title to enjoy that also incorporates many of the features that some of the best hack-n-slash games on the market have implemented, then definitely check out XBlades for your next game.

Throughout XBlades, you will be able to collect artifacts by finding hidden areas and defeating enemies. The artifacts that you collect will unlock new combos to use against you enemies (both ranged and melee attacks.) You will also be able to train your magic, guns and blades to make them stronger and defeat enemies and bosses more easily.


By defeating bosses, you will collect rare gear that will make Ayumi much stronger and give her hidden abilities that you did not have before. Depending on your playstyle, you will be able to excel in magic casting, guns or blades, but some enemies will need a combination of all three in order to defeat them. This is where the strategic element to XBlades can be found, since it will take many different combinations of the three different weapon types in order to defeat your opponents.

Ayumi also has the power to collect souls from the monsters you defeat and infuse your weapons to make them much stronger or have elemental advantages over certain monsters types.


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Filling the rage meter by successfully pulling off some of the harder combos in XBlades will also make Ayumi much stronger overall, allowing her to use moves that can only be used when the rage meter is full. These moves are very powerful and can eliminate a large amount of enemies with the push of a buttom.

XBlades is filled with action-packed adventure for you to take part in, so check out XBlades today for a unique adventure that holds many of the best elements from other hack-n-slash games that have been released thus far. Train your weapon type of choice and become the strongest hero to have ever graced the fields of XBlades!

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