War of the Immortals

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Detailed environment and art direction

It gets redundant


Free to Play

War of the Immortals is a sequel to Battle of the Immortals, which only came out a few years ago. It is a popular title that has done well, and this is not serving as a replacement. It is another part to it, giving you a new story and new ways to play. If you were a fan of the previous title or if you are hoping to get in on this now, you should have a lot of fun.

While this brings over some of the same elements, it successfully separates itself from Battle of the Immortals to make it an enjoyable game on its own. You do not have to play the previous version to understand what is going on here.


You are not going to be lost with the story. It surrounds the need to help Prince Roan, who is trying to protect Atlantis from Loki’s invading army. You are going to take up a class and get right to the battlefield.

The story itself is a lot of fun without being overpowering, allowing you to focus on the entertainment factor of the game and its battling. While the story is still going to play a part, it is not going to be a totally story driven gaming experience.


When you start off in War of the Immortals, you are going to be choosing a class. This class can be a number of things, and most of them may be familiar to you if you played Battle of the Immortals, like Heretic. You also have some new ones, like Duelist, that you can make use of here.

These familiar options and the new additions give you a lot more choices in this game. If you are making the jump from Battle of the Immortals, you should be able to navigate yourself around rather easily and appreciate both the familiar choices and the new ones.


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PvP and the Territory Wars really help to make War of the Immortals stand out, too. PvP is a lot like you would imagine, just more exciting. You can battle with and against other players, improving your skills and testing yourself. With Territory Wars, you are going to battle other guilds for certain territories.

This is a lot of fun and it is something that you cannot find in Battle of the Immortals. Get in the middle of the action and destroy the enemy, taking what you win.

War of the Immortals is free to play.

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