7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Over 12 starting classes to choose from

Repetitive turn based combat

PC, Mac, Linux

Free to Play

Wakfu, the game for the humorous side of you and the action and battles for the mischievous side of you! Wakfu is a World of 12. If you like adventure and playing alone or with many others this is the game for you.

You can go on a journey climbing Mt. Zinit to find the Ogrest. The Ogre is feared by many because he went on a rampage and left the world in ruins. During this fantasy game you can help rebuild what was once an awesome world. You can either become a craftsman, to make and craft items to assist you throughout the game, a merchant that buys, sells, and trades items for money and power, a politician that will either help you on your journey or point you in the wrong direction, or a warrior that can defend the people from the Ogres attacks.


The Wakfu World is a 2D fantasy world. This game is what you want it to be. You can be born again to help bring back Wakfu to its days of glory. You can fight alone but you will go further fighting with your friends by your side. With your friends you can conquer the quests at a faster pace, reestablish the ecosystem, and control it! You can help the people have and maintain a new society. You can choose to be a bad guy or a good upstanding citizen; it is solely up to you.

There are four nations for you to choose from to become a citizen and then you will have the choice of one of the 14 classes. The nations are Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, and Sufokia. The 14 classes are,


  1. Sacrier’s Blood Berserkers- great for long battles, they  have buffs that are used for each blow received.
  2. Iop’s Heart Go-Getting Warriors- relies on their weapons and some spells, will defend their God.
  3. Cra’s Range Archers- Long range combat, great archer armed with bows and arrows.
  4. Eniripsa’s Hands Healers- able to heal you with spells, and has buffs they can supply.
  5. Pandawa’s Pint Sherpa Warriors- axe swingers. Great with hand to hand combat.
  6. Enutrof’s Fingers Treasure Hunters- gold rusher with vast knowledge of valuables, increase of drop rates on a daily basis.
  7. Sadida’s Shoe Plant Summoners- a tree-hugger! They protect plant life! Possess powerful spells that will assist them during their battle.
  8. The Rogue Ruse Masters of Illusion- smart, felons that is very clever. They now there way around assailant tools and gadgets.


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  1. Feca’s Shield Protectors- spell casters that use magic to help keep the nation safe.
  2. Sram’s Shadow Assassins- Very sneaky assassin that is part Sram’s shadow and part man. They are known to use traps to catch their enemies.
  3. Ecaflip’s Coin Warrior Gamblers- has weapons made out of cards used for gambling.
  4. Xelor’s Sandglass Temporal Magi- attack reflection.  They manipulate time.
  5. Osamodas’ Whip Animal Summoners- Captures souls with the help of Gobgob for later use in combat.
  6. The Masqueraiders Lunatic Soldier- Wears a magical mask with special abilities.

Wakfu is free and it is a fun adventure for everyone. Come join us today! Meet new friends along the way.

Wakfu is free to play.

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