Twin Saga

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to learn and pick up

Repetitive and grindy

A beautiful and engaging tale is to be told in Twin Saga. Two factions are against each other, each worshipping a different goddess. The goddesses are twins, one good and one evil. You reside on the side that worships the good goddess, helping to keep evil out. When the two deities fall, though, you must quickly gear up and get out there. Help your deity to keep everyone safe from her twin by battling, questing, and exploring. This unique, charming tale will have you fighting and falling in love. Play alone or with friends to see all this wonderful world has to offer.


Adorable, bright art welcomes you into the world of Twin Saga. It looks great every way you look at it, hooking you into the rest of the game. The art is done professionally and incredibly well, giving you an environment that you want to explore. It builds upon the world, it helps you to see it, and it makes you want to see it. The art you see for the characters does extend throughout the entire game, with the bright and colorful art being a constant throughout everything that you do. It will welcome you into the dark and frightening as well as the wonderful with open arms.

You do not choose just one class. While you will choose one in the beginning, that is not your only class. You have nine available to you and you can switch between them at any moment. If you need one for a specific battle, use it. Switch it out later for a different battle. You can choose what you use based on what you need or prefer. Level them all up to master every class available in the game. Since you can do all of this with a single character, there is no reason to create alt accounts. You can do it all with your main account.


Combat in Twin Saga is incredible. You have ultimate moves that add a flourish and a powerful finish. These finishing moves will give you a quick kick in battles, making it easier to decimate the opponents. You will have to collect energy to do this, but that is easy to do. When you do it, do keep in mind that it is not the same every time. It changes with the mob, making it somewhat unpredictable at first.

Outside of combat, you have activities like fishing and farming. All activities play an important role in gathering items and having fun during the game. You can choose the activities that you prefer to do and you can do them as often as you would like.


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You have mobile homes called Terracottages. You will use these to move around the world, going on the backs of giant creatures. These are multi-tiered homes that will have everything you need as you travel.

Twin Saga gives you an unforgettable tale and journey. Beautiful from the start, it succeeds in building up the imagination and getting you interested in this universe.

Twin Saga is free to play.

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