Tree of Savior

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Huge map to explore | Large variety of classes

Unbalanced Classes | Linear progression

Fans of Ragnarok Online will appreciate the quality, art, and entertainment found in. It has a basic storyline and setup, with many of the features and aspects of an MMORPG that you would expect. It gives you some of the basics, like dungeon crawling and group battles, while making itself stand out. A large part of this is thanks to the art style of the game. Fairytale-inspired and beautifully drawn, it helps to build the universe in a way nothing else can. As you battle, quest, and improve your character, you will find yourself immersed in the appearance of it all.


Most fans of MMORPGs know of Ragarnok Online. It is an immensely popular anime-style MMORPG with tons of questing, dungeon crawling, and other features. Plenty of games try to emulate it, but few succeed in getting even close. The closest you have is Tree of Savior, largely viewed as the spiritual successor of the game. The soundtrack even comes from the same group that did the one for Ragnarok Online. You will get similar worlds and sensations, but different and unique experiences. It is familiar and comfortable without feeling like a copy. Fans will want to play this game to see it all for themselves.

Making your character is similar to most other games like Tree of Savior. You will have similar options and features, allowing you to personalize your character to your liking. One of the interesting aspects of this title, however, is its class progression. You will choose one of the base classes, all normal and common, and move forward with it. What starts as simple will grow into a massive heap of skills from different classes.


There are over 80 classes available. As you gain experience and level up, you will open up more class options. You can pick apart the classes to get the skills that you want. The further into this that you go, the more you will have a variety of skills and class-types.

This will come in handy as you battle in dungeons. Dungeon crawling is a key component of this game, like it was in Ragnarok Online. You will have to level up and grind hard if you want to get good enough for all of the dungeons. In most cases, you will need some friends with you, too. Go with them to defeat bosses, collect treasure, and come out on top.


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PvP is another area where class choice is imperative. Whether fighting with a guild or in the arena, you will want to be good. Top level players are ready to tear you down at any moment; do not let them win.

The fairytale aesthetic is what catches people’s eyes. It makes you want to look, to play. It makes you want to see what more this game has to offer. Tree of Savior has this art all over, with characters and every unique boss, of which there are a lot. Appreciate the fine art just about everywhere you go.

Tree of Savior is free to play.

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