7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Cinematic gameplay | Fluid combat

Slow customization | It can get repetitive

Become more than an immortal in Skyforge. A sci-fi themed MMORPG, it offers features and gameplay that any fan would love. The atmosphere and environment add to all of this, creating depth and the desire to explore. You will want to, and can, see it all. Playing through it, defeating monsters and improving your character, will come with joy and rewards. The variety of options, the personalization potential, and the quality of the design all help to craft the experience of a lifetime. It is a game you will never forget and that you will never want to put down. It will quickly become a favorite title for you.


The options in Skyforge are nearly endless. It gives you personalization and choices that you cannot get in most other games, especially most other free to play titles. You can design your character your way with skills, class, and weaponry, developing the perfect fighter. In this game, you will never have to make an alt. Sure, you still could, if you want to do it, but you do not have to. You can do whatever you want with a single account, enjoying everything without once having to change the account name or anything that goes with it.

Class options are a big part of this. There are thirteen available classes in the game. Like most games, you will choose one in the beginning. However, unlike most other games, you can change that at any point in the game. You can level up your classes with one character any time you would like to. Never make alts or switch between characters just because you want to play a different class. Play them all or focus on the ones that you prefer. You can level them all up with the one character and switch between them at any moment.


Combine this with the skill tree progression and you have something amazing. Ascension Atlas Progression allows you to build the skill stats of your character to your choosing. There are seemingly infinite customization options here. You can build your character to your specifications, whatever those may be. Build it how you want it to be, not how the game decides for you. It is fully within your power.

Another way to customize your battles and character is through weaponry. There is a huge variety of weaponry available that you can use for your character. Weapons, like assault rifles, give you the chance to fight to your strengths or to the situation. Collect the weapons that you prefer and use them whenever you need to use them.


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PvP options vary, too. You can play against other players according to your preference or mood. Go with big teams in Team Deathmatch or something smaller in Capture the Flag. However you want to play with your friends, you can.

Gorgeous graphics and animations, excellent gameplay, and unique features help to make Skyforge one of the best MMORPG titles on the market. Go from immortal to god while playing alongside friends and enemies.

Skyforge is free to play.

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