S4 League

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good variety of clothes and skills

Very few playable maps


Free to Play

S4 League gives you a new and interesting way to enjoy shooter games. Rather than stick you in a war or somewhere familiar, you are going to be battling and playing in a sci-fi game that has a lot to offer. From costumes to weapons, what your character can do and become is extraordinary.

On top of that, what you can do with your character is going to be a lot of fun for everyone. You will be able to enjoy this game as you do with any other shooter game, just in a way that few others can match. Your character will become the powerhouse that suits you and you will be able to do everything that you want to in a game like this.

S4 Leage12

Your character is not going to be simple or the same as everyone else. Unlike many other games, you can actually change the clothes and weapons regularly. This is not the type of game where you pick things up and change only within the game since you will already have what you want. You will be able to buy the various items that you plan to use and keep, giving you the chance to make your character unique and perfect for the type of fighter that you are.

To make the money to buy these items, you are going to be playing the game. As you win, you will earn in game cash to buy more of what you want. The more that you win, the more money that you have to use on clothes, weapons, and whatever is offered that you want.

S4 Leage 11

If you run out, you simply have to go back to the game and continue playing. You will get to expand upon your character and buy more as your character develops and you improve. This gives you the chance to always have the best as you continue to play.

This is not a simple shooter game at all. You have two modes available, team death match and capture the flag, which are called Chaser and Touch Down respectively. The death match mode gives you the chance to play with up to 12 other players and do exactly as you might think, survive and destroy. When you win, you earn. You lose, you lose. Touch Down is a lot like capture the flag, which most gamers know. It is going to be your job to protect and deliver if you want to win this mode.

S4 Leage 8

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No matter what you want to do within S4 League, you are going to love what makes this unique. Its style, playability, and overall enjoyment set this apart from much of its competition. You will get to have fun and take in the appealing art as you destroy your enemies and improve your character. This gives you a gaming experience that really does deliver on excitement.

With all that is possible within S4 League, having fun is not going to be difficult. You have a lot to do with your character and with the battles, which will help to make the most out of everything that this game offers.

S4 League is free to play.

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