Royal Quest

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fun and easy to learn | Variety of enemies

Pay to win | Generic MMO

Narrative-driven and massive, Royal Quest offers nearly endless ways to have fun. You can play for hours, days, or months and still get the same excitement from it. The reason people continue to play it, continue to go back to it, and continue to recommend it to all of their friends is because there is so much available. The content gives you everything you want in an MMORPG with some unique twists and turns to keep it original. Fight evil, gain riches and glory, keep the people safe, and prove your strength. The world is waiting for you to take what it has to offer.


The world of Royal Quest is huge. There is no mistaking or denying it; it is seemingly endless. There are over 100 places to visit and explore, including dungeons. Go through them, battle, learn, shop, or do whatever. There is always somewhere for you to go, even if you have been playing for a long time. With such a huge map, you can find some new activities and areas almost every day.

You will travel this vast map for the King, who asks that all heroes come together to defeat evil. That evil is Black Alchemists, a group that has brought destruction and mayhem to your realm. Defeat them and drive them out, making sure they do not win this war. Doing this is now a hollow victory, though. In return for your effort, the King promises wealth and rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Money, castles, and all the wonders a King can provide. The path to getting there is deadly and full of danger, but you are one of the only heroes out there that can do it. The realm relies on you and your courage if it is to survive the attack of the Black Alchemists.


Quests are available as you travel. Nearly 1,000 quests are available to play in Royal Quest. These quests separate into two categories – single and multiplayer quests. You can choose single player for solo runs, or you can go with multiplayer quests when in a group. Both offer fantastic rewards for success. The massive amount means that you will not run out any time soon, either.

Join a guild while you are out there. Guilds, as always, are powerful allies. If you want to go through the multiplayer quests, this is an easy way to get a group together. You can find people, gain control of castles, gain power, and gain recognition. Guilds are one of your strongest allies to have.


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PvP, PvPvE, and pets are here, too. Many of the same features that you love in other MMORPG titles are here and offer similar usability and accessibility. You can enjoy them equally as much as you do in other games.

Getting into Royal Quest is easy to do. The mechanics offer a simple, straightforward system that you can understand almost immediately. As you progress, though, you will face greater challenges that will put you to the test and force you to do better.

Royal Quest is free to play.

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