Remnant Knights

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy.

If you like fun, action packed games with a strong fantasy element, then Remnant Knights is the game for you. Remnant Knights is a web based MMORPG which follows the player on a quest as a young knight to achieve full knighthood. In the game, a meteoroid strikes Earth which causes a horde of dangerous monsters called Skalari to be unleashed on the planet.

The scientists and military personnel of Earth tried to use the portal created by the riff for their own benefit, but this plan backfired, causing half of the Earth to be sucked into the portal. As a result, half of the Earth has become a battle zone against the Skalari. The humans living in that realm must fight everyday just to survive.

RemnantNights 2

The player has the option of joining the Dragon Academy or the Owl Academy to learn how to use magic. You will do things like battle students from rival schools with the assistance of magical pets to help with the fight. You will also engage in fierce battles with. You can also decorate your own dorm, and move up further into different classes.

The classes that are included in the game are that of the Gun Circle and Magic Circle. As part of the Gun Circle class, you can be the Heavy Launcher, which enables you to demolish enemies at a long distance, or the Dual Gunner which allows you to fire at multiple targets at once. If you choose the Magic Circle class, you can be an Elementalist, which can use long range magic and attacks, or the Priest, which can heal other teammates.


Each class offers a different range of challenges, but are equally as thrilling. If you are a magic fan, then the Magic Circle is just for you. If you like shooting games, then by joining the Gun Circle you can get a shooting game experience by choosing this class. This game features many different aspects that make it a fun and adventurous game.

The graphics quality for this game are very high. You will get crisp and clear graphics with great animation and vibrant colors. Being an MMORPG, the game has a variety of great character and monster designs along with unique character art. Currently, there are a good amount of people playing the game, so you won’t be lacking in opponents for PVP fighting matches.

remnantnights 6

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You can be constantly engaged in this lively online community of fellow RPG players. In addition, there are a variety of different customization features in this game, such as the customization of your dorm. You can get items that represent your interests and personality for your dorm.

Also, you can customize your character and give them the appearance that you want. There are also many different special items that you can purchase or win in the game. Every day there is a different free premium item, and when you reach certain milestones, you can win items as well. Remnant Knights is a fun, lighthearted game for lovers of social gameplay and classic RPGs.

Remnant Knights is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy.

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