Ragnarok Online

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Large game world

Grind based leveling


Free to Play

Ragnarok Online is a massive game that offers opportunities and experiences that you cannot find elsewhere. Based upon Norse mythology, this game is truly a unique and interesting play for gamers. You will get to explore as your character, see the world, and fight the beasts that appear. In a place where selfishness is above all else, you are going to have quite a bit available to stay entertained.

You are even going to have PvP opportunities available to you. This gives you the chance to play and enjoy more, which only gets better as your character does. You will get to expand upon your character, upgrade items, and do more as you continue to play.

ragnarok online10

You are going to begin this game as a novice. While that is true with every game, that is actually your title in Ragnarok. You are not going to choose a class or job, as you might with others. You are going to explore as someone entirely new and unable to choose from one of the available classes.

After you reach a certain level, which changes between jobs and classes, you will get to choose the one that you like. With options like thief and merchant, along with warriors and mages, you will get to have fun a lot of fun with this. Since you are choosing after a small play through of the game, your choice will be one of which you are more certain.

ragnarok online12

Later on in the game, you will get to expand upon your character a little more. You will get to choose a second class or you may even get to do a rebirth for your character. That rebirth is you starting over from the beginning of your level, just in a much better way. You are giving boosts and improvements that give you the chance to become a better player and a better character. This will help you to make decisions that you wish you had made before and to play from the beginning in a much better manner.

You are not only playing monsters here, of course. As stated, PvP is available, but only to players that are at least level 31. If you play these types of games to prove your strength and knowledge against other players, then this should excite you. You will have many other players available for fighting and they will give you the battles that you want. Since there are many other classes available, you will get to test your capabilities in a number of ways.

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As you play, you can enjoy the usability and appeal that Ragnarok Online offers. The art is attractive and this is something that many people can play successfully. This gives you the chance to enjoy this more and to take more from this.

When playing this, you will get to experience everything that you love in these types of games. Increasing skills, fighting players, and improving yourself in your chosen class are all going to lead to a better gaming experience. You will have the chance to do more and go further because of everything that you have with Ragnarok Online.

Ragnarok Online is free to play.

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