7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Gameplay is fluid

Repetitive gameplay


Free to Play

MicroVolts is a new MMO shooter that is going to attract a lot of attention for multiple reasons. The top reason, of course, is that it is fun. This is the type of game that you can throw yourself into and actually enjoy. It makes battles and war feel a lot more entertaining than most other games do.

Part of that is the other reason that this game is attracting attention: The characters and the setting. You are playing as toys, fighting in a home and trying to kill each other. This is like Toy Story if it were more violent and if everyone had powerful weapons. Pick up your own and go see what this amazing world has to offer.


As you are going to notice right away, the setting and characters of MicroVolts are unique and interesting. This is different from a lot of shooting games out there because it is not just warriors and some war; it is toys and it is made to invoke the imagination. Run around in their playground, attacking other players and making a mess of things.

This makes the game feel entirely new without sacrificing the shooting and the experience that you expect out of an MMO shooter. It is still challenging and it still plays like a shooter, just with a new look to it.


You are not going to be forced to stick with the same old characters and weapons that everyone else has. MicroVolts is different in this way because it allows for character customization and a choice of weaponry. You have a large selection for cosmetic changes and weapons, so you should be able to create your perfect character.

Battle how you want to battle and look how you want to look, and all thanks to what feels like a limitless amount of options. This game focuses on the fun and it does not fail to provide.


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As you level up in MicroVolts, you are going to unlock more possibilities. This game allows you to purchase more for your character, which you can buy with points in game or with real money.

What you buy will allow you to improve your character and have a lot more fun. Continue to boost yourself up until you have the strongest player in the game. Of course, that is until more items are released. There is always something new for you to do here.

MicroVolts is free to play.

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