Metin 2

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy category.

Metin 2 was originally released in 2004 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Even though the nature of the MMO industry is to clone older MMOs and add new twists to them, Metin 2 has not been cloned in any fashion that makes it seem outdated.

Coupling action, an Asian theme and a complex storyline, Metin 2 stands out as one of the best MMORPGs that is mainly centered on Asian themes. Rather than playing a clone of another game, Metin 2 allows you to play through an incredibly unique storyline, many exciting quests and a beautifully rendered world.

The Metin 2 Story

Metin 2 is set in a time where there was only one large empire. The majority of the land was peaceful, so when a zombie-like disease began ravaging the entire world, the inhabitants of the empire were not prepared in any fashion. Eventually, the undead masses began attacking the empire, breaking it into three major kingdoms.

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Although the kingdoms were originally united, time passed and the kingdoms grew to hate each other. Now, instead of simply fighting off the undead masses, the kingdoms fight for their survival against each other as well. While the empire was splitting, the original Metin stone fell from the skies. As more and more of these stones reached the Earth, the inhabitants grew wary of approaching the stones.

However, you must become brave enough to reach the stones and pledge your allegiance to the Dragon God in order to reunite the kingdoms against the undead masses.

Classes and Factions

As there are three kingdoms, there are also three factions that you will be able to choose from. The available factions in Metin 2 are as follows:

Metin 2 12

Milgaard – Milgaard is primarily a merchant kingdom, giving it the best economy of the three kingdoms. However, as the Metin stones fell, the paths were blocked off to the other kingdoms, halting much of the trade that Milgaard held.

Dendera – Dendera is located in a very extreme region of the world. As the occupants of Dendera faced off against the elements, they became more and more aggressive. This strength makes Dendera the strongest and most united factions.

Listhmos – Listhmos is a faction that is ruled by an extremely powerful king and his wife. The people of Listhmos train tirelessly, allowing them to excel in fighting.

There are currently 4 classes that are available to choose from in Metin 2.

Assassins – Assassins are a rogue-like class that can deal immense amounts of damage to enemies. Assassins excel at agile attacks and can eventually specialize in bows as well as daggers.

Metin 2 2

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Warrior – The Warrior is able to withstand immense amounts of oncoming damage. When playing a Warrior, you can further choose to transform your Warrior into an Arahan or a Partisian.

Mage – Mages are powerful spellcasters, but have very low defense. The Mage class is able to bring incredible damage down upon his or her enemies from a distance.

Sura – The Sura class employs a demonic are, allowing them to be both swordsmen and spellcasters. When playing a Sura, you will be able to choose which side of magic you pledge to by specializing in either Black Magic or Mirage Force.

Metin 2 is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy category.

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