Luna Online: Reborn

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

In-depth crafting system | Vibrant environments

Feel grindy at times

With a standard yet captivating MMORPG experience, Luna Online: Reborn is a wonderful game for everyone. You will play as one of three classes – Human, Elf, or Majin – and go on a journey to save the people of your world. You will do this through battles and quests, moving through the story until the world is safe from evil. During all of this, your character will change and transform. You will learn skills, meet new people, travel lands, and become one of the best in the game. For the most part, it does offer the typical MMORPG experience, but it does it so well and in a memorable way.

If you have played an MMORPG before, you should know this story. A force of evil has arisen and awoken, taking over the land and the people’s lives. The people who live there, the three races, have stood up and decided to take down this evil. They refuse to let it win. Coming together, they are going against the evil and they need your help to do that. You will choose one of the three races, make your character, and set off on the journey of your life. Take down evil and bring about peace.


Each race has their own set of skills and traits. As always, you will choose the one that best matches your battle and play style. You will also want to choose the class for your character. Humans and Elves have the same three classes, but Majin has none. Majin instead gets a mix of the classes, making them balanced.

Do not fret over just three classes, though. That number grows, with over 100 classes available. When you level up to certain points, you will open up branches for the classes. You can choose the branch that you prefer based on skills and play style. Do watch out, though. Some branching classes are race-locked, making it possible to unlock them if you are the wrong race. Find out which you prefer first.


You can also learn skills along the way. Over 500 skills are available, giving you plenty to do when not fighting. You can learn to fight or craft, or do just about anything else imaginable. The game has endless opportunities for people who do not want to go out and fight all of the time.

Fighting itself is standard. Luna Online: Reborn requires that you select a target and let the battle play out as normal. You can choose moves from the hotkeys, adding specials and magic when necessary.


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PvP is available, as well. For anyone who loves PvP, the system here is fantastic and will give you plenty of chances to come out on top. You can take out enemies one after another alongside friends, old and new.

The chibi anime graphics and overall gameplay will remind you of most other MMORPG titles. While it adds a lot of content, Luna Online: Reborn retains the same standard and desirable features and experience that players have come to expect.

Luna Online: Reborn is free to play.

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