8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

High quality animations

Combat and quests can get repetitive


Free to Play

Loong is an adventure like no other. This game takes you through experiences and sights that most other games cannot even begin to offer, and any MMORPG fan will want to get right on this. You are going to be able to do a lot more than similar titles will offer, and all in a beautiful setting.

This is a Chinese MMORPG that is truly inspiring and magnificent, something that most players learn immediately. Getting into the game and having fun is easy, too, thanks to the exceptional controls and the ease of which you can start playing. Everything is made to be entertaining and challenging, but not overly complex.


Character creation is at the start of Loong, obviously. Right away, you will notice the spectacular graphics that provide you with a beautiful playground. The graphics that you see right away continue to the game itself, making it easy to fall in love with the visuals and the flow of the movements.

Going back to character creation, though, you are going to notice something different: No class selection. Instead, you are going to be able to choose your weapon. Different weapons have different skills attached to them, and you can switch them out at any time during the game. Make sure that you specialize in a certain type of attack, though, so that you are powered up enough for major battles.


Once you have your character and are ready to go, you will be able to experience much more of Loong, even get your own Spirit Beast. Move around, battle, explore, and try to go forward in the game, and all while having a lot of fun.

You have a wonderful community and a lot to do throughout this game. It gives you the chance to enjoy yourself with a game that is what you want along with so much of what you never expected. It is a journey that you will never want to end.


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The controls of Loong are what make it playable for just about anyone. The design is intuitive and everything goes with you, regardless of your skill level.

You can get into battles, explore, and do whatever you want to do without having to deal with overly complex controls or designs that make the game a lot harder than it needs to be. There are no major design flaws here, which is going to give every skill level the chance to fight and to grow.

Loong is free to play.

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