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Krosmaster Arena comes from popular developer Ankama Games, who have also made DOFUS and WAKFU. This new title is based on a tabletop game of the same title, with a similar setup. The online version opens up new opportunities, however. It gives you greater challenges, more options, and tons of things to do. Play alongside friends or with others online, defeat everyone in your way, and aim for victory and glory. Your goal is simple – put together a team and destroy the opposing team. Using the figurines available to you, of which there are over 100, you can do this in a spectacular fashion


Since it is based on a tabletop game, Krosmaster Arena does share similarities with those types of games. You have a world, game mechanics, and gameplay that will feel like the tabletop game. It does this without sacrificing any of the advantages or the unique appeal that you get from the digital version, however. It will, for the most part, feel like the tabletop game that you may already play, and the genre that you love, but it holds its own. It brings in a new, exciting experience that will have new and existing fans alike loving every moment spent playing.

If you know Ankama Games, you might know their two other games, DOFUS and WAKFU. Both are popular, with loved characters and environments. Krosmaster Arena is set in the same universe, bringing you many of the same elements and characters that you have come to adore. If you are not familiar with these games, you will find yourself enchanted almost immediately. It gives you a wonderfully built world and story, adding more to what is already there. It brings you in and makes you want to learn more about the characters, see them, and experience the story alongside them.


You will do this with the many figurines that you collect. There are over 100 figurines available in the game, each of them with their own unique abilities. You will have to mix and match them to suit your battle strategy. Make sure that you take time to strategize fully so that you can decimate your opponents.

Along with using them, you can collect them. Collect all of the figurines available in the game until your collection is complete. With so many available, you can spend a lot of time on this just to get every single one. Unlock them by gaining in-game currency in the arenas.


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There are four game modes available – Campaign, battling with friends, tournament, and dungeon. All of the modes have their own experiences and options, so make sure to try them all out equally.

Whatever type of battler you are, Krosmaster Arena is worth picking up. Strategize, go for a complete assault, or just have some fun with it. Whatever you choose to do, this game offers hours upon hours of entertainment. You will always have a new battle ready for you and more people waiting to take you down, or at least try.

Krosmaster Arena is free to play.

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