Fiesta Online

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Beautiful cel-shaded graphics

Only one stat point per level


Free to Play

Fiesta Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has more than 2 million users. The game is available in the German and English languages, and the developers plan to launch French and Spanish versions.

For exploring the game you can use the movers. The movers are, in fact, animals or devices that can provide you faster rides, and therefore, you can effectively explore your virtual world. However, for using the movers you need to acquire the riding skills and equipments from the merchants. You can also open your shop trading in this game and enjoy buying and selling goods.

fiesta online7

The game has the unique resting place known as the mini-houses. You can see a number of mushrooms in the virtual game, and these mushrooms can provide you resting places where you can recharge your health and spirit points that are very essential for successful fighting. However, you should be careful while placing the resting mini-house as you can also be attacked while you are in your resting place.

Another important feature of the game includes the weapon customizations. Like your character, you can also improve your weapons against the particular class of the enemies and for that you can get up to three licenses for your specific weapon. The license for the weapons improves the damage potential of your weapon against the selected enemies.

fiesta online1

The main character classes supported by the game are as follows:

Warrior: you will get the character of the fearless fighters. You will enjoy very powerful close combat skills, and your sheer strength will certainly make you the centre of any powerful team.

Cleric: As the name suggests the Cleric are supporting class, and you can use your powers of light to heal your allies and inflict massive damage to your opponents by summoning the Goddess Teva. When you choose this character, you are an asset  for any team for this combination of healing and combating powers.

Archer: if you enjoy the range weapons, you can choose to become the archer. Surprisingly, in this game, you can have some special skills to invoke the natural forces for defense.

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Mage: you can enjoy the magic using this character as the energy of Isya is represented by the Mage, which can be a great asset for casting magic spells.

Trickster: the Trickster is the unique class of this game, which is like trained assassins of many other role-playing games. You can deal heavy damage to your opponents within the short span of time. You get the skills for analyzing the weak points of your enemies and use it to your advantage. You can unleash fierce attacks and very slash of your blade or claw is capable of acquiring the soul of your enemies, and your can make toughest enemies to their knees with the sheer brute force.

In brief, this game is very popular 3D animated game that supports unique character customization and development based on the four classes. You can opt for mission based fights or PvP combats. The support for the guild system is equally impressive.

Fiesta Online is free to play.

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