Elsword Online

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8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Action oriented gameplay.

Combat can get repetitive.


Free to Play

Elsword Online is a unique 2D fantasy side scrolling game belonging where you can enjoy the beat-em-up style animated action and have fun through different stages.

Elsword Online is even much better than other side-scrolling popular games like Fist of Fu and Grand Chase. The manga series was already introduced in the Asian countries and the well-known  franchisee Elsword has now launched the game for Now North American gamers. Elsword Online has a very interesting story line and co-op missions. Besides, going through the story line, you can also improve your ranking by engaging in PvP combats with your friends and other online gamers. You can earn numerous gaming assortments like cosmetic items and accessories while you complete the missions and challenges.  Your character becomes stronger as you level up.

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The main characters of Elsword Online are as follows:

Elsword: You will enjoy the powerful melee attack with this master swordsman character. You cannot  only inflict massive damage to your opponents but absorb a lot of damage with strong defense. As Elseword you will advance to Magic Knight, Rune Slayer, Sword Knight and Lord Knight.

Aisha: As Aisha you will have active skills to your staff and inflict heavy damage to your opponents. She can take multiple targets with one move. As Alisha you can advance to Dark Magician, Void Princess, High Magician and Elemental Master.

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Rena: You are perfect marksman as Rana with your favorite bow and arrows. Besides dealing with longer ranged targets, she can also kick opponents when engaged in close combat. As Rena you will upgrade to Combat Ranger, Wind Sneaker, Sniping Ranger and Grand Archer.

Raven: you will enjoy this powerful character who masters in close combat. Legendary Raven uses his Nasod arm to strike down any opponents close to him. You will just love this character and tear everything in your path with the sharp blade. The combos are stunning. As Raven you will advance to Sword Taker, Blademaster, Overtaker and Reckless Fist.

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Eve: she is the Queen of Nasod and can summon the robots anytime she desires so to help her in combat. So you will enjoy the beautiful character with the powerful force of machines behind you to deal with the enemies. When you choose this character, you can choose Nasod gears to transform yourself into any kind of weapons for inflicting massive damage to your enemies, right from spears to explosives. You will advance to Code Exotic, Code Nemesis, Code Architecture and Code Empress.

Chung: You can easily use the cannons as this character is very powerful and skilled in using cannons for fragging his enemies. You can also deal with your enemies when they are too far away as Chung has the special ability to deal with them. You can fire the cannon once the ammo is loaded. As Chung you can advance to Fury Guardian, Iron Paladin, Shooting Guardian and Deadly Chaser.

Elsword Online is free to play.

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  • Janzen Harris

    This is honestly one of the those games that I will uninstall only to reinstall a few weeks later. It’s an epic game that has simple yet amazing gameplay. Graphics are great. Only downside is it gets repetitve sometimes.

  • Christopher Reichenbach

    Cool fact about Elsword its was going to be Grand chace 2 but it took on a life of its own so the called it Elsword How do i know i play it and there are more then the 3 chars in the game there are Raven,Eve, chung, Ara and Elases and they have Job changes 3 def jobs for Elsword rena aisha raven eve and chung Ara and elesis they only have 2 right now and the game dose not have that kinda system any more We have feilds and Feild bosses and Feild raid boss the feild raid boss is lvl 50 doungen and your skill tree is def from the video oh i forgot about ADD he is the newst to Elsword i have been a member sence Eve came out she was the 2nd char Raven was the 1st after the 3 bata after Eve was Ara then after ara was
    elesis then came ADD play the game and you can see how some of the chars came to be

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