Dragon Saga

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fast-paced combat

Combat can get repetitive and too easy at times

PC, Mac

Free to Play

Dragon Saga is packed full of excitement and opportunities. As you play, you are going to be able to have fun and do everything that you want to do in an MMO. You can improve your character and you can do a lot of things within the game. As you continue to improve yourself, you are going to be able to do more and more.

There is also a massive community here that is dedicated to having fun, making friends, and making the most out of this experience. This game is not lacking in interest or entertainment, and you may find yourself never wanting to leave.

Dragon Saga12

There is a story in Dragon Saga. It focuses on a deep history in this world, one between humans and dragons. You are going to start this up in a time of need, and you are going to be able to learn a lot more about this story and the characters involved. This game is incredibly exciting and the story helps to push you along.

While you can do numerous other things, following the path laid out for players is a great option when trying to level up and really invest yourself in what this story has to offer its players and in what this story is all about.

Dragon Saga1

Your character is not going to be the same as other characters. Dragon Saga offers a choice for what your character can be. The class system here offers several options that you already know, like warrior, so you should be able to choose something that you are comfortable with using. Along with the classes, you can also choose your armor, which you are going to pick up later in the game.

You can continue to personalize your character so that it fits your personal interests and so that it is the best that it can be in this massive world.

Dragon Saga10

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Dragon Saga is full of other players waiting to have fun and waiting for you to join in the excitement. You can join this community to battle together and make friends, or you can join it for PvP to test your skills and to take down other players.

There are several ways to get involved with the community here, and all of it is quite exciting. You will be able to push your skills, test your knowledge, and see how well you do against real players.

Dragon Saga is free to play.

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