Crush Online

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great community | Nice art style

Gender Locked | Game is buggy

The war is on in Crush Online. This game takes MOBA-style combat and changes things up a bit. The MOBA-style combat that you adore is still there, but with a few extras and changes that help this game to stand out. Compared to the big names, like League of Legends, it feels like an original and new game without changing the basics of the genre. It can stand on its own quite well because of this. A great thing about it is that you do not have to be a fan of the genre to enjoy the gameplay; it can attract and engage you for numerous reasons.


In most MOBA-style combat games, the goal is to win a battle. You go into a battle against other players, you fight, and you try to come out the victor. It is a simple setup that anyone can understand. Crush Online does not focus on single battles, however. The goal is to win the war, not just the battles. You will have to win the battles to win the war, but this depth adds a new level to this system. You will have to focus on long-term success, develop strategies, and work with this system to come out the overall winner. Every battle counts, but the war is what really matters.

There are three nations, but only one can win. Choose the nation that you feel best represents you or that you want to see win. These nations, and the guilds, will fight for power and supremacy. You are going to become an integral part of these fights as you help your nation, and your guild mates, to climb to victory.


Glory, wealth, and bragging rights are all at stake here. It is not easy, and you will have to work together, but the reward is grand. You will come away with some fantastic experiences, and even more.

Crush Online gives you the choice of hero, which is usual for this type of game. You will choose between two powerful fighters and a versatile option that can switch between support and fighter. After choosing a fighter, you can then choose your weapon. Personalize all of this to your preferred play style.


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This game is not purely about heroes and winning battles. There is a lot more at stake here. You have a king, a political system, and changing territories. You will have to navigate all of this as you battle. After all, this is about nations, not just fighting. You cannot go forward without thinking about the nature of the war. The politics and the territories matter. Claim as much as possible, have it move your way, and become a success.

The gameplay, game mechanics, and graphics will all feel familiar. There is nothing new and adventurous with Crush Online, but it does what it does well. You have an engaging experience with a fantastic story, new features, plenty of options, and a massive world. You can jump right into it and find your perfect zone.

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