Cosmic Break

8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fast-paced gameplay

Limited graphic options


Free to Play

Cosmic Break revolves around the cosmic Arc. You will see that there are three unions here with individual deities, who are resting in different places. In order to fight and resurrect, they choose warriors that are basically robots. You are the hero in this game and you need to collect cosmic energy so you revive your particular deity depending on your union. However, there is a hindrance. There is the evil force that wants to ensure that no deity is revived. You are supposed to fight against that force.

Unions and Robots

To start off with, you should choose your favorite union and then go ahead. Wizdom has guardian ICY, Dostrex has guardian Dracken, and Bladine has guardian LIOS. You will also find four different types of robots here and the characteristics of your fighter will depend not on the union but on your preferred robot. The four types are as follows:

cosmicbreak 6

  • Land Type: These robots are the best bet for ground battles. They have superb speed and maneuverability. You can give them numerous weapons such as sub machines.
  • Air Type: As the name suggests, they are airborne. They can be given beam weapons. They are indeed deadly against all enemies.
  • Artillery: They are equipped with bombs and missiles and target long range. They can destroy land as well as air robots. They are weak against melee attacks, which are close ranged.

cosmicbreak 10

  • Support: They are an excellent choices because they repair allies and also cause status damage. They may not have much fire power but they have radars and other special abilities.


As aforementioned, you should first select the union and the robot. For one team, three robots are allowed maximum. The tutorial won’t help you much but it is easy to understand the game yourself.

You can customize in a number of ways in the game. Thus you can create robots that are unique. You also have cosmetic customization options. If you want a funky look you can color each part of the robot in a different color.

cosmicbreak 7

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The modes in this game include quest, mission mode, and PvP. To complete missions you will need the help of other players. You can win in-game currency through missions. If you choose quests, you are alone in various situations and you need to search for rare items. There are two keys that will unlock different areas. If you want an easier path you can choose the blue keys and if you want some adventure, you can choose red keys. The PvP mode is superb in this game. You need to be strategic in this mode. You will see arenas in this game and your objective is to kill your opponents.

Thus, this game is fast, easy to understand but hard to rule over, and exciting!

Cosmic Break is free to play.

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