Aura Kingdom

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Fast and fluid battles

Too many fetch requests

PC, Mac, Linux

Free to Play

Aura Kingdom is everything that you want in an MMORPG. The beautiful, anime style art is going to get you interested, and the actual gameplay and story are going to make sure that you want to stay. It is perfect for long time lovers of the MMORPG genre, anyone who appreciates the style, and anyone who wants a good and exciting game to play.

There is a lot to love here, and certainly a lot of excitement to be had. You have pets, a great community, and the chance to fight your way to becoming the very best of your class, or even the entire game.

Aura Kingdom6

What you are going to notice immediately is the art, of course. Anyone who has played a Japanese MMORPG or two in the past will recognize this type of art immediately. The anime style is popular and, when done well, beautiful, which is what you have in Aura Kingdom. It looks beautiful and the game does a great job of bringing the art into it, too, so that it is not only in images.

The world and the characters are all incredibly well made, giving you the type of style that makes these types of games extraordinary. From battle scenes to simply walking around, you are going to appreciate the time and effort that went into this.

Aura Kingdom2

Your character is, of course, the biggest part of this. You want a fun and powerful character that is going to have you blasting your way through the game, destroying enemies every chance that you get. Here, you can do that, and you can do more than most similar games allow. In Aura Kingdom, there are eight classes available along with multi-classing. You can make sure that your character has the abilities that you want to have, and you can take advantage of your favorite classes easily. This makes it a cinch to play your way and have fun.

There is also a pet available. Well, many, to be specific, and you can choose the one that you want. When you have your pet, you can fight alongside it, gain abilities and skills, and talk to it to learn more about events in the game.

Aura Kingdom12

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It is a great tool to have that really improves the entire experience. During battles, as an example, your pet is going to become an essential part of success. Fight with it, using the fantastic battle system in Aura Kingdom, and destroy enemies in a much shorter amount of time than you would have alone.

Do not forget to get some exploring into your gaming. Aura Kingdom offers a massive map filled with dungeons, enemies, and big boss battles, so go see it all. You will have the chance to fight and to destroy, and to enjoy every minute of this amazing game. There is always something new for you to do or something for you to fight, making sure that you do not have to worry about boredom at any time here.

Aura Kingdom is free to play.

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