Asda 2

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Soul-mate feature

Acquiring pet eggs can be difficult


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy category.

The legends of mystical land divided by warring Gods are created through 3D anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG. You can choose the light or dark sides to become the fighting heroes to this standalone sequel to Asda story line. You can participate in large wars, engage in PvP fight, summon your pets for assisting you in the fight and most surprisingly find your true love. You can be the coveted Royal knight to save the virtual world.

The popularity of Asda storyline inspired this sequel of Asda 2. The storyline begins with the signing of a peace treaty between warring factions, which unfortunately remains in force for only a short period and violence again breaks out between the light and dark forces causing the chaos. You have to choose your sides to begin your journey to knighthood. You can fight PvP on dual combats or go for larger battles. Just like Edda players, you can decide on your destiny as the ultimate war hero. You have to stop the chaos of hostile warfare from destroying this beautiful world.


The sequel contains many new features, and the game has been enhanced with multiple jobs, new classes, challenging monsters and most surprisingly your soul mate.

The Asda 2 includes the following classes:

One-handed Sword Warrior: You get the highest possible defense with a sword in one hand and the shield in another. You can inflict serious damage to your enemies while defending yourself and can be an ideal tank leader. Your job might include conventional swordsmen to Templers.

Two-handed Sword Warrior: You can use two swords to quickly destroy your enemy’s defenses. The special combo reflection can inflict unparalleled damage and grenade, and the other weapon combo make you the special hero. You can have a role as the Barbarian and Warlord.

asda2 12

Spear Warrior: this allows you to use a mighty spear as your weapon of choice. You can make your enemies helpless with multiple critical blows through the speed of the strike. You can be a mage’s worst nightmare when you decide to use this weapon because of the associated high levels and sheer strength. Your role for this class can be Lancers to Gladiators.

Crossbow Archer: when you choose this class, you get the capability of inflicting the highest amount of immediate damage not seen in any class. Your skill for deflecting enchantments becomes a troubling nuisance to mages. You can have a role of shooters to marksmen.

Bow Archer: this class allows you to use a number of weapons for slowing down the enemy’s movement and inflicting wounds that cause them to bleed to death. You can thus weaken your enemy in their own specialty. You can be quite deadly to opponent’s warriors during the battle. Your role might include Trapper to Ranger.

Attack Mage: as Attack Mages you can use darkness and the fire element to attack your opponents. You can serve as a great ally to anyone  you join with your flame engulfing spells. Your role can include a Magician to Warlock.

asda2 9

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Support Mage: You get the advantage of spells involving the earth and water. You get the powers to provide buffs and protective shields to your friends. In some difficult situation, you can have an edge over others with your ability to freeze enemies as a support Mage. Your role might include from Mystics to Guardians.

Healing Mage: You can manipulate the powers of light and climate to help and heal your friends as Healing Mage. You can be the most valuable ally to any party for your undeniable healing powers.

The Adsa 2 has many improvements over the Asda storyline. You can join this exciting virtual reality game to enjoy any activity, including, jumping and swimming whether it’s daytime or night. You will certainly love the new PvP system and avatar system that make your character very impressive. The most interesting thing can be the addition of your soul mate system that adds much stronger punch to virtual reality game. If you want to enjoy anime styled fantasy MMORPG, you can go for Adsa 2 and you will never feel disappointed.

Adsa 2 is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Fantasy category.

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