Angels Online

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Extensive crafting system

No option to change controls


Free to Play

Angels Online consists of both humans and angels. This is a 2D fantasy game and is really exciting. The humans and angels walk the world named Eden. The graphics are original and you will see numerous playable classes in this game. When you start the game, you will enter the Angel Lyceum. This is a college for training angels. Get trained and become an angel protector! You will see an in game here called Angel Baby. You can use it when you have to leave the computer for a while. There are fourteen classes in this game and they are as follows:

Combat Classes

Protector: They have high physical strength. In fact they have the highest strength and are the most powerful in this game.

Warriors: They boast of the best melee damage among all the combat classes. The hit points are also considerably high. They use hammers or dual axes.

angelonline 3

Spearman: If the enemies are heavily armored, these are the right choice. They can deal with them and damage them a lot. Their hit points are lower but MP is more.

Swordsman: They are known for their agility and speed. They can cause a lot of damage very quickly. However their hit points are low and their defense is also low.

Archer: They can cause physical damage even if they are at a distance. However in melee range, they are very weak.

angelonline 4

Magic Classes

Summoner: They have powerful summoning spells and have the ability to cast dark curse spells too.

Wizard: These are the offensive Magic Class of this game. They can be destructive but on the downside, they use too much MP. If you choose wizards, you should make sure you have enough MP potions.

Magician: These are a mixed class. They have buff related spells, recovery spells, as well as nature spells. However, their hit points are low and are weak when in melee range.

Priest: They are mainly buffing and healing. They may be weak but they are highly valuable.

angelonline 8

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Crafting Classes

Weaponsmith: They can make metal weapons that are very powerful. Alongside they can control robots and dig ore. They are capable of leather armor and belong to melee class.

Armorsmith: They make armor and can also control robots. Just like weaponsmiths, they have the ability to wear leather armor.

Tailor: They weave leather armor and magician robes. They can also control robots and go fishing. They can also wear leather armor.

Technician: They are responsible for developing ornament and accessories for robots. They can collect and control robots.

Chef: They are used to cook healthy food so that abilities are enhanced. They can fish, collect, and control robots.

Angels Online is free to play.

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