Allods Online

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

There are plenty of quests and they have unique monter designs

Very similar to WoW


Free to Play

Take another look at Allods Online before you turn your nose up at it. It has been set into a new class of features for game playing. You’re now going up against two factions, The Empire and the League.

If you want a game with demons, elves, gibberlings, and kanians as well as warrior, Paladin, scouts, healer, warden, mage, summoner, psionicist, and bards, Allods Online is the game for you.


The League is trying to improve their society with the Church of Light, while the Empire is trying to keep to the old traditions. You get the choice of fighting for either side. Both sides of the game are exciting to play and make changes in the society.

You’ll be playing to orchestrated music performed by the Central Symphony Orchestra of Russia’s Defense Ministry and the Bolshoi Choir, no less. Dark, but the immaculate atmosphere takes you into the game and doesn’t let you out. You end up playing for hours while listening to rock music with tons of dark ambient. An impressive feat for a F2P game.


New features will take you into the Empire that you’ve never seen before. It will keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. The quests you go after have become quite complicated, but winable in the end… if you’re good.

You go after the Holy Charm to remove any curses, which, by the way, can kill you off. Look for the action of battles in skirmishes, death matches, treasure hunts, and astral clashes. That’s right; you get to astral project into battles and other areas of the game. Truly awesome…


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Buy your weapons and other items at theshop’s currency. You can also make trade-ins for better weapons and items needed to fight off the enemy. You’ll also meet the new guy on the block. The Bard has been added to Allods Online. He has some impressive skills that he uses to stun the enemy inthe battles with the evil ones. Of course, it depends on if you choose him for your character.

There are many characters you can choose from such as a warrior, Paladin, scout, healer, mage, summoner, or a psionicist. All are very cool to be while you fight off the enemy. If you’ve tried Allods Online before and were not impressed, then give it another try. You will be surprised at the interaction with both worlds and the new characters from either city. Take the quest to work your way up the levels to the big battle at the end. You’ll truly be amazed at the results.

Allods Online is free to play.

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