8.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Unique blend of action and real-time strategy

Only few units

PC, Mac

Free to Play

Airmech is the brain child of the one of the most renowned real time strategy games developer, Herzog Zwei. He has been the brain-daddy of several other popular strategy games in real time and in the form of Airmech, he has given the industry something which was well ahead of his time. You find yourself placed in the cockpit of an aircraft cum transforming robot which has the sole responsibility of destroying the enemy outposts both strategically as well as through direct combat.

This game is made in an interesting platform with a very interactive graphics user interface which has put this game ahead of its time. The game is absolutely free and is a sure shot fun to play.

airmech 8

The game incorporates a number of features which makes the game play superb. The aircraft’s transformation into a robot and taking down enemies, while its mobility to transform back into a jet to traverse long distances in a short time makes it all the more interesting.

You create your own team, which you can govern and organize. You will have to defend your strategic locations from enemy attacks, as well as attack and capture enemy bases as the game progresses. There is always a tussle between you and the opponent to recapture or retake the bases or outposts from you. You will have to deploy your troops every now and then through your ingenious decisions would tilt the outcome in or away from you.

airmech 11

Airmech can be played one on one and you have a general scope of applying strategy as well as gameplay, while decision making will play an important role. You can also play the game 3×3, and the whole gameplay can be controlled and coordinated over the headset.

The ludicrous and confusing congested environment of the 3×3 game calls for a better coordination strategy and further there is a greater scope for strategy.

airmech 5

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There is a fair amount of customization available to be done or can be done before the start of game. You are allowed to choose 15 pilots at the start of the game. The pilots have their own merits and demerits which can be used accordingly as the game progresses.

The game has a number of different airplanes called warhogs which are costly, as well as cheaper helicopters which can be built faster. There is also a weird UFO like aircraft which has the capability to convert enemy units which is acquired as the game progresses.

Airmech is free to play.

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