Aika Online

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Good interface

Graphics are dated


Free to Play

Aika Online takes you through adventure and battle in an amazing way. Focusing more on PvP, this game offers an exceptional experience that you are going to adore every minute. It is exciting and it gives you the chance to explore, battle as a nation, and be part of something big.

You can move through the storyline or you can just go out and battle for as long as you want to, whatever fits your interests. This game is a never ending source of wonder, entertainment, and battles, so keep going until you have the most powerful character in the entire game.

Aika Online6

Before you get into the story and the battles, you are going to need a character. Luckily, Aika Online gives you a choice as to what you are going to be. You can choose from class and you can personalize the appearance a bit, allowing you to have the character that best suits your interests.

You can choose based on what fits you personally and how you want to fight. Remember, each of the classes are different and are going to have you doing different things in game. If one attack style does not suit you, make sure that you consider that when choosing.

Aika Online8

You are also going to have an exceptional storyline in Aika Online. It is going to help you to go forward, to fight, and to enjoy the game more. Move through the lands, fighting and seeing what else there is. One of the greater aspects of this game is its community, which you can make use of while moving around. Make friends and build groups to go battle together, helping you to earn experience and get items.

Continuing with battling and communities, the major appeal here is the PvP battles. People come together, throwing 1000 players versus 1000 players battles.

Aika Online10

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These are huge and magnificent, and are truly the test of your skills in game. There are constant battles going on to make sure that players are protecting their nations and to keep the game interesting.

If you need help throughout Aika Online, you can look to your Pran. These are essentially your in game soul mates, and they are there to help you. You can use yours to do a lot, making it easier for you to improve your character and gain a lot more from playing this game. It is just one of the pieces that makes this MMORPG unique.

Aika Online is free to play.

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