Natsu Dragneel Games

Here’s a list of games that feature Natsu Dragneel from the famous anime series, Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 0.6


Action and the characters that you love make Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 0.6 one of the best game that you will play. It brings together two huge names in the anime and manga world, creating the type of fighting game that you thought you could only have in your dreams.

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Fairy Tail Online


Fans of Fairy Tail should already be playing Fairy Tail Online. This game puts you into the universe that you love and gives you the chance to play in it. Meet other fans, make friends, battle, and have more fun than you ever thought was possible, and continue until you are the best.

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Fairy Tail v.0.5


Fairy Tail v.0.5 offers the action that you want with the characters you already love, such as Natsu. Choose your character and jump into the action, ready to take out the opponent with skills and power. Unlock more characters as you play in order to have more fun with the game.

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Fairy Tail v1.0


In Fairy Tail v1.0, your mission is to take out your opponents. This is a retro style fighting game that offers the type of action that you expect along with the powers and characters that you love. Choose your character, such as Natsu, and then jump into the fights, ready to tear your opponent to pieces.

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