Light Yagami Games

Here’s a list of games that feature Light Yagami.

The Death Note


Just like in your favorite show, The Death Note is all about writing the name of someone you hate and waiting for it to kill them. It is interesting and gives you the chance to pretend as if you own it yourself, an experience that has been the wish of many for a long time.

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Write in the Death Note


Just as you might imagine, Write in the Death Note is all about writing in the famous Death Note. Using your keyboard, type in all of the names that you want sent to the God of Death. Hit backspace to cross one out or enter to send it and then move on to the next name.

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Death Note: Flash Game


In Death Note: Flash Game – Part 1: Light/Kira, you are going to learn more about Light and Kira on your journey. Choose the path that you take, make decisions that are going to affect your story, and then replay to take a brand new path and see more options.

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Death Note Face Maker


Using aspects of your favorite characters, along with some new items, create a face you love in Death Note Face Maker. It is all about creativity here so go at it. Have fun and see what type of combinations you can come up with using the options that are available to you.

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Misa Dress Up


Misa Dress Up gets Misa ready for a date. Use all of the available items to make her look like perfection. Any fan of the show will love the options here along with the chance to get creative with one of your favorite characters. It is a lot of fun and easy to do, and it is something you will want to replay often.

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Death Note Dress Up


In Death Note Dress Up, you get to dress up L and Light using quite a few fun items. Make them look any way you want to, even feel anything you want them to feel thanks to the expressions. It is an adorable, entertaining game that any fan will want to play.

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L Death Note Dress Up


If you are a fan of the show, you are going to want to play L Death Note Dress Up. Dress up L however you want to using the items available, showing off your personal style and creativity. It is easy and incredibly fun for anyone who loves dressing up and who is a fan of Death Note.

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A date with Light – Flash Game


Flash Game – A date with Light – Flash Game is a game all about making the right choices. You are out on a date with Light and you are going to have to choose wisely throughout the experience. Make the best choices to win his trust and to get the type of ending that you want.

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L Plays Tennis With Light Yagami


Play a round of tennis in L Plays Tennis With Light Yagami. You are going to play with your favorite characters, using your skills and quickness to win. Move around in order to hit the ball and make sure that you do not let any get away from you. Win and play again.

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