Ichigo Kurosaki Games

Here’s a list of games that feature Ichigo Kurosaki.

Anime Fighting Jam

Anime Fighting Jam

Anime Fighting Jam is an exciting game for any fan of anime. Choose your favorite character and go against the biggest and baddest in the anime universe. It gives you the chance to play with those you love move and see how they stack up against other great characters.

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Bleach Dress Up Ichigo


Bleach Dress Up Ichigo is all about, you guessed it, dressing up Ichigo! Make him look great and play with combinations until you are happy with his design. Continue to redesign him to let loose your creativity and to have some fun with everything that is available to you here.

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Bleach Dress Up Rukia


Bleach Dress Up Rukia gives you the chance to dress up Rukia is many great clothes. Play with her design and see what you can do here. The options are certainly going to make you love her even more, or even find something new to enjoy about styling her.

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Bleach Combat


In Bleach Combat, you can fight Bleach character against Bleach character. Choose your favorite and go to battle, seeing just how good you are with their weapon and moves. Go all out with swords and arrows in the exciting game that has a retro feel any fighting game lovers will enjoy.

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Bleach Great Fight


Go on an action packed adventure in Bleach Great Fight. You are going to play as some of your favorite Bleach characters as you go on a journey to protect people and destroy monsters. Using your power and skills, you can take down anything that comes in your path with ease.

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Bleach vs Naruto 1.5


All of your favorite Bleach and Naruto characters have come together in Bleach vs Naruto 1.5. Choose the one you want to play as and then go to battle against the rest. This game can be played on your own against a computer or against a friend without any trouble.

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Bleach Training


Bleach Training is an RPG where you play as Ichigo. Go out, train, and improve over time so that you can become more powerful and capable than you ever thought possible. By staying focused, you can certainly become a fearsome opponent for anyone that dares to stand in your way.

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With a great soundtrack and plenty of action, Bleach certainly does become one of the best games out there with ease. Go out into the world as Ichigo, follow a story, take down enemies, and make your way to the very end. It is going to keep you wanting to push and have fun through the entire game.

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Bleach Training 2


Journey into the world with Bleach Training 2. You are going to fight, explore, and see everything that is possible here, and all while having plenty of fun in the process. It is going to have you wanting to improve and become one of the strongest players in the game.

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Bleach Online


Bleach Online is a beautiful and exciting game. You have the types of characters that you love from the manga and anime, the enemies that you want to destroy, and the experience that made the Bleach name so widely loved, and all in one. Level up, make friends, and become part of the Bleach universe.

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Super Stars Fighting 3.0


Super Stars Fighting 3.0 takes all of the best characters from anime and manga and puts them under one roof. Choose one, choose an arena, and get to fighting. It is a lot like Super Smash Bros., just with anime characters for you to play as instead of Nintendo gaming characters.

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New Bleach vs Naruto


Play as Hitsugaya in New Bleach vs Naruto as you attack Naruto clones, trying to take down as many as you possibly can. It is one tough task, but the excitement and action offered here definitely makes the effort worth it. To win, you need speed and you need to know what you are doing.

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Super Smash Flash 2


If you enjoyed playing Super Smash Bros., then Super Smash Flash 2 is going to excite you even more. Play as some of the biggest names in gaming, from Pikachu to Sora to Yoshi, and go against others in stadiums. It has all of the fun you want with some of the best characters out there.

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Bleach Versus


Bleach Versus puts one Bleach character against another. Choose your own and go to battle against other characters that you know and love. You can play with a friend, too, if you want to try out your skills and have some fun. It has all of the action that you want in these games.

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Super Chaos Fighting


With two modes and plenty of characters, Super Chaos Fighting is not lacking in excitement or action at all. Choose your characters and go to battle, or even war if you choose Crazy Mode, to see whose skills are better than the rest. It is difficult, but definitely a lot of fun.

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